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My activity in the month maybe in the first two weeks of the month is to carry out the activities / learning process as usual, but the lessons are added until the evening to catch up and to be able to quickly run the exam, then hold a vacation until August because of covid-19 which is sweeping the country it is us. Indonesia, those who carry out the learning process until the evening do the learning process as usual and connect directly with practice. The activities that I do on the 3rd week of May are carrying out exams starting at 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. until Friday continued on Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon I held a meeting of the BEM along with the BEM staff to discuss what activities BEM would do during this long holiday due to this COVID-19. After I finished, I went home and continued cleaning the dormitory because it would hold a long holiday. I do activities such as fishing and taking fish in my father’s kelong and do it every 3 days. And before Lebaran I help my father as the caretaker of the mosque to prepare preparations for Ead prayers on the first feast and hold a meeting of the Ta’lim assembly held At the mosque, after I finished a family meeting and made a pilgrimage to the grave of my deceased mother, on the second day of Eid I visited my family’s house. My activities after Eid are working at a chicken noodle stall and doing from 04:00 to 20:00, and every morning I always help to buy ingredients that are per the owner of the chicken noodle shop in gray hair, after finished, I went home and continued to clean the room and the yard and it was done every day during this holiday. Besides that, I also did every time after the Fajr prayer I always did sports like jogging and push ups until morning and then I proceeded to buy supplies for the chicken noodle stalls where I work every day during holidays.

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