My Activity in March

at the beginning of this month in march in semester 4 the hotel management class learned more
about the kitchen such as knowing pastry, gastronomy, and food and beverage processing, where
we in this Semester precisely this march had more practical hours than theoretical hours and
was very tiring but it doesn’t matter because we know a lot about how it is about kitchens in the
industry, where the mental and endurance of us are trained in PBC with lessons such as pastry,
gastronomy, and food processing management, this month we also process and make severa
products Such as mayonnaise and also processing beef and chicken meat which is told how to
process the product so it is not stale and can be used properly and also we were givern lesso
how to cut and types of cuts for potatoes, chicken, and beef And we present the products ta
dve made or we serve to lecturers who assess and taste the food we make and we explain about
now tne process of raw materials so that it becomes food that is ready to ea then in this Tastin8
Ontn the food “that we make is made into our own breaking fast menu so it saves a little for Our
duy eais, and also in the dorm we also collect some funds for dawn and break fasting with friends
auring this Ramadhan month where We divide several picket schedules for each person to make
OOr awn and break fasting in the dorm, from the first fast to the present day, it runs pretty well
Decause everything follows our own rules well and also divided the picket parts to clean clean to we
Wash dishes, cups, pans, and others that have been used for opening and dawn and also we divide
ne schedule to sweep and mop the dorm, and the good thing is no one protested by our rules make
it so that we ourselves are comfortable with our dorm environment

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