Activities In a Month

My name is Anjas Muri from the Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala, I majored in D4 Hotel Management. Here I am from students who received scholarship assistance from PT. BRC will tell you about my daily activities in this one month.
In this one month to be exact in April, in the course of my lectures I felt fine although a little tired of the tight schedule of lectures and practical practices on campus but I had to stay motivated to improve my final grades that were less satisfactory in the first semester, not only carry out lectures on campus, but sometimes I also look for additional material that has been given in class or also sometimes I repeat the material so I can better understand the material provided. That way when taking an exam or taking a practical score, I will find it easier to do it because before I have understood the material given. After returning from lecture I used my time to rest a little before doing other activities. And usually what I do in the dormitory is afternoon sports like a bicycle or a marathon and at night I use the time to play with my friends in the dormitory and sometimes I also do assignments when there are tasks that I have to do.
And after a few days of active lectures, I took a midterm exam which was held in one week. And at the time of the exam I was a little upset because what I had read and learned by myself in the dorm there was no question about the material I had learned, but after I thought it would not hurt me to study it because the material was not only used by me in the exam but also when I later did the Job Training or even when I was working later.
Then, after the midterm exams were completed we were allowed to go home to each other except friends who had to remedial because the scores obtained did not reach the specified standard. And I also have to remedial because there is one course in which my scores do not meet the specified standards.
After I do the remedial, I returned home while waiting for the day when I had to go back to the dormitory and do active lectures as usual.

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