My Birth Month

Hello, happy greetings to blog readers. Happy reading my blog again, and in this blog I will tell you about the events that happened in March.
On the previous blog I talked about the privileges in February. Now March, this month is also the month I have been waiting for and it is a special month for me. Because in March I have my birthday, and this year I have turned 20 years old, I really don’t feel my friends at all. So every year I live it doesn’t feel like it’s 20 years old, and at that age I have to become more mature.
But actually I’m not ready to become an adult, because from what I see adults carry a lot of burdens and they always have something to think about. but like it or not I have to go through it all
Nahh because in March this is my birthday, of course I also hope for happy birthday wishes and prayers from many people, but I only hope once with a few people, namely my family and friends or close friends. But there is one friend of mine who I think he forgot about that day. It turned out that he didn’t just say it through social media, but gave a direct surprise. And at that moment I felt very happy and touched
Maybe that’s all I can tell about March. See you back in the next month

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