In March, the activities I did were the same as in the previous month, the activities in the dormitory were the same as, getting up early to go to campus, returning to the restaurant at the food court, after that we had a break, our semester was also there. There are many theories compared to practice, I also don’t know, even though next semester there will be OJT in the industry, Monday to Friday I will be in the dorm, Saturday and Sunday at home due to holidays, Saturday afternoon as usual, soccer practice in my village, and on Sunday nights sometimes I go out to meet my old school friends, Sunday afternoons also practice football, if not practice I usually go to the beach to freshen up and entertain myself, and sometimes if I’m lazy to go out of the house I’m just at home playing online game with my friends and online friends, until where the time off I go back to the dorm to continue lectures as usual, every day, and so on until the end of the month

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