Janrey (January journey)

hi you come again in freego journal you seem like you like it hahaha …
are you healthy? I wish you all good health and always. It seems like now there are many people who have started their routine activities, I guess you all do, but still remember to keep your distance and use your masks, friends.

This month, honestly, I have had a lot of extraordinary experiences, oh yes, I have told you before that I was doing my on the job training. yes, my on the job training has started since 15 January. Honestly, this is very exciting even though I sometimes make it wrong but my seniors are always patient in teaching me. I am very grateful to be able to intern on Garuda flights, in January I started it from airport ticketing Garuda airport calling it TS (Tenggo Sierra) and TS means customer service. My estimate is that customer service only hears customer complaints, it turns out that a lot is done in customer service starting from sales, sales reports, baggage payments, passengers who want to go show and of course hear complaints hehehe..

In the first week, I got a schedule with the ticketing team leader named Sandi Wahyudi. senior is very smart and skilled isn’t it ?, he even almost memorizes all entries or mandatory in Altea / Amadeus, for information only altea / Amadeus is a Garuda system that uses the program language to do everything and to be honest this is very complicated, even for two weeks I only memorized the entries for bookings, issued, baggage and making vouchers and there may be thousands of entries in it. Really great, isn’t it a senior sandi? ha ha ha. Senior Sandi on the first day with me, who at that time i did not know what directly taught entry booking and he told me to remember in a short time, then the customer came and senior sandi directly to hand over the task to me, this is extraordinary I like to be challenged like this and I immediately serve customers for the Jakarta tanjungpinang flight. In fact, I was surprised that in the first try I was immediately given an important task and I could do it. That’s how every day of the week with senior Sandi always stimulates adrenaline. Likewise sometimes with other seniors but other seniors don’t play adrenaline like him hahaha

On the 27th yesterday, Garuda was a birthday but this year it was only a small event at the city office in the CK hotel, we ate tumpeng with all Garuda staff and also shared the small kindness of Garuda to deal with the current pandemic, namely a medical kit containing cloth masks and hand sanitizers. although I did not share I am glad that there are companies that have this kind of concern when every other company is probably trying to minimize expenses.

I live in Tanjungpinang 9th street in nusa indah housing. I live alone sometimes I feel lonely maybe this is because I am used to being in the dorm where it is always busy and suddenly I’m alone. Even on Saturday I fell asleep at noon and woke up almost at night when I felt so empty and alone like something was missing, that night my friends who were interned in Batam were hanging out together and I was alone to be honest that night I almost cried because lonely but I immediately went out of the boarding house and kelilng pinang alone.

This month there are quite a lot of stories, I hope you keep reading the next month, see you again in February, guys see yaa …


Real life

Hi friends, does it feel like it’s been a long time or indeed this month feels very long, I hope you are healthy and now it seems that self monitoring is more relaxed and freer, but remember we keep each other’s health protocols right …
Oh yeah, before I said this month was long because I feel that I have so many activities that I do, almost all of them are fun, but there are some that make me disappointed. What makes me happy is that this month I have pursued a lot of material that maybe we had never studied before. like cargo and ticketing, we previously had no preparations for on-job training at the airport so it had not been estimated until cargo and ticketing. Learning ticketing is fun, we immediately practice using the Amadeus ticket booking software. This is a very new experience for me and cargo, what I learned in cargo that every item has a special place on the plane.
In pursuit of a lot of material that is lacking, we often come home at 5 pm almost every day, maybe this is what makes each day feel very long and this is also one of the reasons why I am almost late writing this journal hehehe. In this month I am more disappointed with my friends, maybe it’s not a mistake it’s just a wrong situation where the campus thinks it’s wrong and we are all affected by it, I’m not complaining it’s just that I’m sad to see my friends scolded by both the lecturers, the company, and even their parents called. One of my friends is also affected by this problem, I hope they are more patient and think more in the future in doing something.
My biggest disappointment is that I can’t do on job training outside Bintan or overseas but one of my friends can. I am not disappointed by the lecturers, but I am disappointed that myself, being less competent and lacking in learning, I am still too far from Hansen in knowledge, especially in Mandarin. Sometimes I often think and hope that my parents or family are of Chinese descent so that since I was a child I could speak fluent Mandarin.
Our on-job training preparations are also quite long in terms of materials and files. We have quite a lot of files but can still be done quietly without rushing, but until now what I have not prepared is where I live in Tanjung Pinang later . Currently it is Christmas so I am still celebrating and many are coming home and it will also be the new year, we will go to the church and worship together at midnight after that there will be a lively event. Maybe after the new year is over I will look for my place to live in tanjung pinang .
Maybe that’s all I can tell you. I hope you and I can better prepare for anything. Thank you for reading. See you later.


Dies natalis

On the 2nd anniversary of PBC, I received an assignment from Miss Citra and the campus, which was to be in charge of videos in a short video competition. At the time of the briefing I did not come because I fell asleep, the one who came as the representative was Rinaldi Anggian. My fault was that I ignored it, what I thought was my job to collect a video mix of my major, which turned out to be my job to become a participant in the competition itself.

       In making the video, I gathered students from my majors from batches 1 and 2. I got lots of input and ideas from my friends. Then the next day I started taking some video clips as a connection from the core of the video, I thought making this video would be easy and fast, actually I was a little disappointed with my friend when making the video I was very difficult to invite my friends, especially semester 3.

       They always have a reason to refuse to be the main character in the video, and I am confused if I am the main character and I do what is called a major video competition? But in the end I invited the 1st semester batches to make it together and their response was very positive, they were willing to work together and take part in this video, I felt very helped by them.

       In making the video, there were a few parts of the 3rd semester batch and at the time of the assessment, the jury considered that the video seemed to convey individual feelings between other individuals, while in the video competition we carried the name of the group or department. My fault and our defeat is that we didn't make a video of speech together like other majors and actually our assessment is very good we lacked together in that video.

       But I'm not disappointed I know this is my fault, I'm the one who can't invite my friends or I can't lead my friends that I usually meet. We also actually have a lot of duties and our respective part is that I don't force my friends to participate in the video. 
       At PBC's 2nd birthday, I also participated in the first ranking competition and won first place. I did not think I would win because my rivals were students who had a good name and were smart on campus while I had only reckless capital. I also won this victory quite easily because the questions given were general questions. I share my victory with my friends where I won and got all-you-can-eat vouchers at all bazaars on this PBC anniversary.
Thank you for read my journal Hoping see you in the next journal

The beginning of happiness

Hi readers, how are you all? good right? Hope everything will be fine. It has been a month since my last journal was last month. This month, we have done quite a lot, starting from midterm exams, student president elections, as well as other activities.

First I will tell you about the activities I did while in the dorm. At the beginning of the month, as usual, I only studied and played, but in the middle of the month we started a lot of tasks and in my opinion there were too many tasks, even every day there were tasks always came. I don’t complain on assignments, it’s just too much, so my focus is divided, even for the mid-semester exams, there are assignments in several courses. But this month I also finished my student vice president position and stepped down from the become an ordinary student and it felt quite nice being an ordinary student I didn’t have much energy and I was more calm in studying.

Then at the end of this month we were allowed to go home and were able to pick up a motorbike that was detained for more than 3 months. I am happy because I have not driven my Vespa for a long time, I am afraid that my Vespa is damaged or cannot be turned on, I really love my Vespa more than I love my girlfriend who has i never had, arrived home I immediately washed my Vespa with the best equipment tah I have had it for a long time.

After washing Vespa I immediately started playing badminton with my friend at Tanjung uban, it feels like it has been a long time since I played badminton. My body started to stiffen and ached easily but I am still happy because this has been my hobby for a long time. I played for almost 3 full hours, I made a lot of mistakes hehehe starting from the ball that hit the net and always hitting the ball out of the court it felt like everything was difficult to control.

After going home badminton I went home and my friends were waiting to invite me to hang out in one of the cafes on the small river, it felt like it had been a long time since I was not in that position and the atmosphere at that time I was very happy that many of the things we told there were too many Until late night. When I go home, my food intake is healthy, even close to perfect, this is what I say is the beginning of happiness. Thank you for reading my journal. I’ll see you in other journals …

love you guys <3


September is taking too long

Hi readers, it doesn’t feel like it’s September, maybe you read this in October, this is my mistake, who just wrote it hehehe….

This September I am in the campus dormitory and studying as usual. What has changed is that we continue to studying and implement health protocols. Honestly I miss home, my friends, also playing badminton with my badminton club, I think maybe when I return to play I will be stiff and will make a lot of mistakes. My enthusiasm has also lately decreased, maybe because I want to do my hobby, I mostly just play mobile games and end up getting bored too.

Even for the journal that I am currently writing, I am still confused because I don’t do many things just study and do assignments, I feel very bored doing these things over and over again.

We will also soon be doing on the job training, although that is not certain, I took it at Batam airport and had a recreation in Lagoi. But I hope more at Batam airport because I want to add new experiences and I also want to show that the travel department is not only about guiding and traveling. However, all decisions remain to the lecturers. I hope that I will immediately do on the job training because I am too easily bored with classroom theory. I prefer practice, because with practice I find it easier to understand and can predict what will happen without having to guess what will happen. Maybe that’s all I can tell in this journal, I hope the readers don’t get bored with what I always write and I apologize because this journal is not interesting. Stay healthy and keep our distance so that we always not only avoid Covid-19 and other diseases, see you again …


stay at home

Hi, you came again? hehehe I hope so ☹. Hmm, maybe from the journal title you predicted what I would write, right? Honestly, this August is really hard for me to live because I just stay at home and do activities at home. But several times I also played badminton with my friends, it’s just that we play very rarely.

Actually August is the month of Indonesian independence and usually there are always exciting competitions in each region, but we are only at home even on August 17, I, who usually attend ceremonies in my area, have to stay at home. I mostly help my mom make online test, my mom also doesn’t understand online and most of me who does my mom only prepares the test. Like the practice questions by me, I made a lot of practice test both for practice and also tests. I even prepared a practice question for the next 6 months, and at that time I was also on holiday from college.

and now we are going to college but we do self-monitoring in the dorm for 2 weeks, I prepare a lot of food and other preparations for the next two weeks. When I returned to the dorm, I was appointed to take part in the training but unfortunately it was done online, on the first day of opening we heard a lot of amazing speakers and easy to understand but at the end of the training at 5 pm we were given a resume assignment for each material and we also had to argue in the last material and must be finished on the same day. At that time I immediately took a shower and had dinner then I worked on the resume assignment, I finished working on the task at 11 o’clock at night then I tried to take a short break after sitting for a long time, then Gervin invited me to play mobile legend and we played for a long time and I was very happy because win with my flagship hero. I think that’s all for this month I hope you guys want to come again in the coming months.


Lucky Month

       Hi guys … back again with me freego pakpahan maybe you’ve read some of my monthly journals lately. Perhaps most of the past month I have been only at home and doing training from BRC. This month is the same but it’s not bad, but there are some days I going hangout.

This month was very fun because, I my second sister bought me a badminton shoes and I immediately used it to play on tanjung uban badminton court its a little difficult to adjust it because I usually use my jogging shoes. The second time when I tried I played on the outdoor court  at the I Simpang Lagoi and I started to adjust to playing, it turned out that it felt different though it was a bit heavy but it turned out that this was the way the shoe’s function helped in taking a smash position and was able to withstand my movements which could be said to be fast and sometimes its hard to myself to control it. On the third day I felt that wearing these shoes was very comfortable and I felt that I could do whatever I wanted. On that third night I also played normally with my friends but at that time it was usually trivial that we started to admit it too and they invited us to play especially me and I was surprised to be able to defeat them easily, whereas previously fighting them was impossible because they were so great in anything now I feel that I’m starting to be on par with them

After that night I returned home with joy and my mother also loved hearing it. The next day I was my twentieth birthday I was quite happy with my birthday even though during this pandemic I could not go out with my friends to celebrate. On my birthday my mom cooked a lot of food to celebrate it but only the two of us celebrated it hehehe … it was a little strange but I was happy with it. I also got another gift from my first sister, a sum of money and a prayer and I was very happy because I also needed money to buy a new racket string. Not only that gift that I got, I also got a painting of my face that was drawn in pencil, it looks very handsome to me in the painting, but it’s not much different, oh yes, I got the painting from my college friend, he was also very good with me. I think this is all I can tell for this month, thank you for reading … hopefully meeting in the next journal.



Hi guys, back in my daily life in a month. How are you readers, I hope you all are well, especially in the midst of this pandemic, hope that you stay at home and keep your distance from each other as the government has advised the whole community. I also do the same thing friends so I am pretty boring in a month.

So my daily life for a month is pretty much what I do a lot like playing games, I play games with my friends but usually I play games at night starting at 19:00 until the end. In the morning I usually help my mother with clearing house, washing and cleaning. In the afternoon there is usually a training class from HEA BRC, where we learn together about computers and business English. there is also a class that is done in the morning I often miss it because the class starts at 8 while I have to help my mother from 7, I hope HEA BRC forgive me 🙁 After the training class I immediately prepared to do an afternoon jogging around my sungai kecil, so that I remained healthy and my stamina was maintained. Oh yes I also play badminton at night but not every day I play according to the schedule. Usually I play Wednesday and Saturday, but my friend has an outdoor court sometimes we also play on the outdoor court the training schedule.

In June, I only did my usual activities, nothing too flashy, just that I was happy lately by doing this usual habit. It seems like I haven’t done this since I was in college. I like being able to develop a lot of what I want but all that is just a hobby I don’t want to be too fixated on it.

I think you also have to do the same thing because it will restore your mood which previously might be boring to continue studying and tired maybe you also do it in different ways such as traveling and culinary do the things that make you happy so you all have a reason to keep life whatever that reason is no matter how small it is, thank you for reading my journal this month god bless see you again on july.


may camp

In this May, my campus did advance all courses because of the Corona virus, so we did the final semester exams also in May. In my major, in my majors the semester exams were faster than in other majors because there were fewer subjects than other majors, so on May 18, I was able to take my holiday at the end of the semester exams and go home early, but before returning home I cleaned my room dorm and wc rooms so later when I got home everything was clean and the rest would be done by my dorm mates.

When I got home I was immediately confused about what I wanted to do because it was my first holiday  semester from the beginning of semester one and was given more than 2 months. Having a long vacation is very boring because I have to stay always at home because this corona pandemic. for a month and I feel very bored almost everything I can do at home has done from jogging, cleaning the house, repainting the house. So that on May 27th my friend invited us to camp at sebong beach which was very close to our house but there were a lot of disturbing grasses,

so we planned to camp on the 30th of Saturday up to 31st our preparation was very much we prepared our food as much as it We also collected money together but for the shopping at the market we gave the friend the responsibility to the experts, the women, so we men cleaned the campsite that would be occupied that night both from firewood, tents and kilns. Until the night arrived we all gathered at the beach to burn chicken, sausages and meatballs that had been prepared. we burned it together there were also preparing a place to eat using banana leaves as a base after everything was cooked we put all the food on the banana leaf and we ate it together singing until midnight but at midnight the women went home because they were women and after midnight we played pubg games until 2 o’clock in the morning and then we talked about our relationship with each other by turns but I just can only listen to the story because I am single and cannot tell here that I feel that I am the saddest human being there because no one wants to be with me because in my opinion there is nothing good about me. Oh yeah, do you know when you are camping out with friends and when eating together here is that together so because at that time we will all care about one another and you will feel that you are the most important for your friends


April Highlight

Hello reader ! ,my name is Freego Pakpahan i am the part of students at the Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala campus and i also got a HEA BRC scholarship.

Here i want to tell my daily life for the past month, at the beginning of this april i underwent a midterm and it went smoothly i got quite satisfactory scores especially in Guiding and Ground Handling and other subjects. After midterm we got two weeks for the remedial course, at that time I didn’t remedial so I can be more enjoy through my days. It turns out that in my major, especially in the Miss Putri class, the class we use  in as usual and we arrive late and moreover I come to the very last to the class because as I know that attend the class is only for remedial. at that time my classmates waited for me to come and asked to apologize to miss putri for our mistake of receiving information but at that time miss putri’s mood was good and we were asking apologies. Right on the same day also miss putri was taking care of new students who wanted to register on the PBC campus so we were given quite a lot of assignments and it was difficult to do the deadlines were also very close but we could do it together with a system of dividing tasks.

The next day we did not go to class because in miss Ayu lesson there is no remedial also in other subject but in English some of my friends remedial one of them is Hansen, Hansen including smart and diligent student many student do not believe Hansen will remedial at English subject. in our opinion Hansen is one of the students who has excellent English skills than other students and Hansen was even chosen as Minister of Education in the BEM PBC because of his strengths, but Hansen was not disappointed in the results and he always thought the score is just score Hansen figure also immediately asked his remedial assigenment to Mr.Nasir he got quite a lot of assignments and it was difficult Hansen had to do a journal of nearly 1200 words and had to finish before 6 am on Saturday after asking for the assigenment hansen immediately do it from 5 pm I accompanied him to do it but did not help him because I know hansen can do it easily, hansen finishes his work at 3 am o’clock in the morning and immediately sends it to Mr.Nasir mail. After accompanying Hansen I returned to my room to sleep until noon. at 2 pm I returned to my home and its holiday time.
            Thank you for reading routinite for april month see yaa.