April Highlight

Hello reader ! ,my name is Freego Pakpahan i am the part of students at the Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala campus and i also got a HEA BRC scholarship.

Here i want to tell my daily life for the past month, at the beginning of this april i underwent a midterm and it went smoothly i got quite satisfactory scores especially in Guiding and Ground Handling and other subjects. After midterm we got two weeks for the remedial course, at that time I didn’t remedial so I can be more enjoy through my days. It turns out that in my major, especially in the Miss Putri class, the class we use  in as usual and we arrive late and moreover I come to the very last to the class because as I know that attend the class is only for remedial. at that time my classmates waited for me to come and asked to apologize to miss putri for our mistake of receiving information but at that time miss putri’s mood was good and we were asking apologies. Right on the same day also miss putri was taking care of new students who wanted to register on the PBC campus so we were given quite a lot of assignments and it was difficult to do the deadlines were also very close but we could do it together with a system of dividing tasks.

The next day we did not go to class because in miss Ayu lesson there is no remedial also in other subject but in English some of my friends remedial one of them is Hansen, Hansen including smart and diligent student many student do not believe Hansen will remedial at English subject. in our opinion Hansen is one of the students who has excellent English skills than other students and Hansen was even chosen as Minister of Education in the BEM PBC because of his strengths, but Hansen was not disappointed in the results and he always thought the score is just score Hansen figure also immediately asked his remedial assigenment to Mr.Nasir he got quite a lot of assignments and it was difficult Hansen had to do a journal of nearly 1200 words and had to finish before 6 am on Saturday after asking for the assigenment hansen immediately do it from 5 pm I accompanied him to do it but did not help him because I know hansen can do it easily, hansen finishes his work at 3 am o’clock in the morning and immediately sends it to Mr.Nasir mail. After accompanying Hansen I returned to my room to sleep until noon. at 2 pm I returned to my home and its holiday time.
            Thank you for reading routinite for april month see yaa.

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