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Hi friends, does it feel like it’s been a long time or indeed this month feels very long, I hope you are healthy and now it seems that self monitoring is more relaxed and freer, but remember we keep each other’s health protocols right …
Oh yeah, before I said this month was long because I feel that I have so many activities that I do, almost all of them are fun, but there are some that make me disappointed. What makes me happy is that this month I have pursued a lot of material that maybe we had never studied before. like cargo and ticketing, we previously had no preparations for on-job training at the airport so it had not been estimated until cargo and ticketing. Learning ticketing is fun, we immediately practice using the Amadeus ticket booking software. This is a very new experience for me and cargo, what I learned in cargo that every item has a special place on the plane.
In pursuit of a lot of material that is lacking, we often come home at 5 pm almost every day, maybe this is what makes each day feel very long and this is also one of the reasons why I am almost late writing this journal hehehe. In this month I am more disappointed with my friends, maybe it’s not a mistake it’s just a wrong situation where the campus thinks it’s wrong and we are all affected by it, I’m not complaining it’s just that I’m sad to see my friends scolded by both the lecturers, the company, and even their parents called. One of my friends is also affected by this problem, I hope they are more patient and think more in the future in doing something.
My biggest disappointment is that I can’t do on job training outside Bintan or overseas but one of my friends can. I am not disappointed by the lecturers, but I am disappointed that myself, being less competent and lacking in learning, I am still too far from Hansen in knowledge, especially in Mandarin. Sometimes I often think and hope that my parents or family are of Chinese descent so that since I was a child I could speak fluent Mandarin.
Our on-job training preparations are also quite long in terms of materials and files. We have quite a lot of files but can still be done quietly without rushing, but until now what I have not prepared is where I live in Tanjung Pinang later . Currently it is Christmas so I am still celebrating and many are coming home and it will also be the new year, we will go to the church and worship together at midnight after that there will be a lively event. Maybe after the new year is over I will look for my place to live in tanjung pinang .
Maybe that’s all I can tell you. I hope you and I can better prepare for anything. Thank you for reading. See you later.

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