My Activities in April

Hello guys,

     How are you ? I hope you are fine. In this occasion, allow me to introduce myself. Because there is a saying “Don’t Know So Don’t Love”. So, get to know myself first, who knows you love me.

     My name is Gervinko, now I am a student at Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala and my major is D4 Hotel management. My hobby is Playing badminton,watching movie and many others.Alright, maybe that’s all I can introduce to you about myself.

     Next, I will tell you about all my activities in April. As we know, Indonesia is in a bad condition due to corona virus (Covid-19) because of this situation,many my activities were stopped such as playing badminton and Healthy Friday. Healthy Friday,on my campus is gymnastic activities and after that there will be campus clean up activities, this is an interesting activity because all students in campus will gather together which will be difficult to do because of the different lecture hours.

     Actually we will hold an industry tour to the Holiday Villa in April but due to situations like this, our industry tour must be postponed until an uncertain time. Yeah, Of course most of us feel disappointed, but we must understand our current situation. We don’t want this pandemic situation to continue, I think you also have a similar situation like mine, where we only can stay at home, not be able to gather with our friends, your activities must be postponed and many others, but we don’t feel disappointed, because we believe we can out of this situation, there will definitely be a day where we can do all the activities we couldn’t do before.

     I think this is all I can tell you about my activities during April and during the pandemic, I hope that we are all always given health and protection by God and can get out of this situation as soon as possible. Stay at home and see you in my next post guys.

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  • Bhakti Adi Chandta

    Hi Gervin,
    Yap all activities are all called off. Even, in this ramadhan month, we are also unable to do prayers as usual. This dramatically changes the way we do our activities.

    Btw, thank you for the journal. Some advice to make your journal more catching:

    1. Title does not necesarrily to be directly mentioned as “journal”, “activity”, or sometime like “report”. You can use the strongest “message” or “story” to be the headline/title. Let me give example for your post, you probably can use this title: “PBC Calls off all Campus Agenda During Pandemic”.

    2. Add proper featured image. Your featured image looks like little bit smaller than it should, try adding bigger image and make sure it represents your post this time. Original picture taken with your camera is much better.

    3. Add at least one image in the body. So place jpg image that represents certain activity you tell in the journal. Pictures tell a lot stories and enrich your message.

    4. You have made some adjustment to your webpage and thats a great move. Keep going to make your page more catching and easy to read.

    5. You can put some links or hyperlink in some words you think its important, such as PBC…link it to PBC website or other reference to make your page rich.

    I think thats it for now. We will give you more advice when you have done those things.


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