Happy New Year Guys


      Happy new year everyone, again, my name is Gervinko from D4 Hotel Management majoring at Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala. I wish you a happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who celebrate, I hope that this year we are given a way out of the situation we face in 2020.  This time I will share my memories or experiences in December,let’s goo!!!

        This month we continue to study as usual and we are also facing final semester exams, actually we are happy because after the exam there will definitely be a vacation but also feel sad because this is the last month we meet D3 students.  In the next semester they will carry out On the Job training for one year and we can be sure that this is our last meeting because they will carry out On the Job Training in various different places and we will also continue On the Job Training in the semester after them.  The time when we meet Back Together is certain when we graduate and gather outside campus.

        The semester exams lasted for 4 days and we studied more seriously for this exam, somehow I felt that this time all the students were very serious and even felt like they were being dormed. Everyone looked serious in studying both independently and in groups.

     We also have several projects this month, namely selling several products such as Spring rolls and Risoles for entrepreneurship courses and creating breakout plans for housekeeping courses.  In making Spring rolls and risoles, we made a proposal and we had to return the funds that we made as capital to our lecturers but the profits belonged to us.

        This month, Lagoi held an event called Kasmarun.  Kasmarun at this time has the theme We Dare To Care. Because the event was held in a pandemic, we were asked to comply with the applicable protocol.  My friends and I were asked to volunteer at the event.  The organizer provided a Rapid test for participants and volunteers who participated in the event, and we were also given several items such as masks, t-shirts, gloves and face shields and even vitamins.

       We are very happy because we can continue to participate in these activities even though we are in a pandemic situation as we know that many events do not take place.

Maybe that’s all I can tell to you, my friends.  See you again

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