January, 2021

Assalamualaikum friends
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about the happy month, December
for more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .

Do you guys know about me this month? Haha maybe not, this month is my birth month, to be precise on December 24 I have my 20th birthday. On that day I was very happy because many cared for me and wished me goodness, unfortunately on that day I was not with my family, because I was at the Lagoi dormitory to carry out my assignments for college, at that time we were all in our final semester exams.

2 days after that we have finished our exams and arrived on the day of the holidays, yeayy the day we have been waiting for is a vacation. After coming home I was very surprised because my family had prepared everything, we would eat and pray together on that day for my growing age, I was very moved and thankful to them, at that time I hope in all the prayers that are said can be granted by Allah SWT. Oh yeah btw, happy Christmas for my celebrating friends.

Nah now arrives on New Year’s Eve, me and all my friends here will hold an event, namely camping and barbeque on the pangolin beach, from the morning we prepare whatever we will bring, starting from food, tents, and all that is needed. And at 5 o’clock in the afternoon we went to the location point, which is at the top of the hill at Senggiling beach, on the way we went through many obstacles, because the accessibility there was very poor, the road was muddy, rocky, and lots of weeds covering, for information also that there is currently a north wind happening.

After arriving there we took photos, and set up tents, and prepared a fire for the barbeque, after that we grilled the chicken corn sausage that we had brought to eat together, after finishing we immediately sat down together to eat on a cold night and a strong wind, It arrived at 12 o’clock at night and the new year began, we all prayed for all of us to be better, our hopes and desires were raised. It was 2:00 p.m., it was already starting to rain, and the wind was already so strong that we decided to go home. After descending from the top of the hill we tried to pass the first road, at which time the waves were high and already high. We turned to follow the second road so we could go home. After a while we came out of the beach with a drizzle, even though we were very happy to be together, because we haven’t been like this for a long time.
After that we went home and rested, when I arrived home I immediately took a shower and after that I thanked Allah Almighty because this month a lot of happiness has been given to me, in the month of my birth I was very happy, we must always be grateful to him, because with him that we can be like today.
Well, that’s my story in this happy and very impressive month, I hope that in 2021 we can love ourselves more and can do good things out there. this is my story, where is your story?

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… Wassalamu’alaikum


December, 2020

Assalamualaikum friends
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about How to get rid of laziness
for more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .

Lazy is one of the traits that every human being has. Laziness is very difficult to get rid of if not with a strong will from within. Laziness is also one of the traits that can hinder success.

Here are some ways that can be used to overcome laziness:

  1. Give Yourself Some Kind of Motivation
    Apart from overcoming, feeling lazy also sometimes arises from a lack of motivation within yourself. In order to lose your laziness, then you have to give yourself some kind of motivation so you don’t get lazy anymore.
    You can motivate yourself by reminding yourself about the benefits of being a diligent person or you can also provide a way of giving yourself an imbalance, so that you become a more diligent person.
  2. Don’t delay Never put things off.
    Try to do it right now. Actually delaying will make your burden even heavier. Try to immediately do even small tasks or things. If you are used to doing something directly or in other words, you don’t delay it, you can avoid feeling lazy.
  3. Just do it! Just do it now, for no reason!
    There is no cure for laziness. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be cured. The only way to solve it is to focus your mind on the work for which you are responsible and get it done as soon as possible. Have self-discipline.
  4. Get used to getting up early
    Another way to get rid of laziness is to get in the habit of getting up early. By waking up in the morning, your body will feel more refreshed and energized. You can be better prepared to go through the day with more vigor and energy. Of course, don’t forget to have breakfast after getting up and showering in the morning. Because breakfast will help you focus more on completing work from morning to noon when lunch time arrives.

So, that’s the way to get rid of laziness that you can immediately practice for a more productive life. Hopefully it can help readers in dealing with lazy feelings.

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… Wassalamu’alaikum


November, 2020

5 tips to become an outstanding student

Assalamualaikum friends
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about tips to become an outstanding student
for more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .

Lecture is a level of education where those of you who are already mature are oriented towards a field and are prepared for career steps when you are in the world of work later. As is well known, lectures are very important in providing experience, increasing knowledge and skills. Moreover, here, the right college will be able to provide you with provisions in facing the era of globalization that continues to innovate.

Being an outstanding student at university is certainly a positive and proud thing. To make it happen, you need determination and hard work. Student achievers are actually not only seen from their academic values. But also with how you become a proactive student – participating in various activities and organizations, the way you communicate and create networks, and your contribution to the university itself or the environment. Here are some ways to become an outstanding student :

1. Maximizing abilities
Today, employers are not only looking for candidates who can do their job well but are also able to fit into the company culture and interact with other employees. In order to do these things, you as a student need to develop soft skills. Since most jobs require teamwork, it is very important to have soft skills to improve performance and achieve goals

2. Find lots of friends Lecture
in fact, it is not only to gain knowledge in the classroom, but also to expand the network of friends. For that, you also have to get along as widely as possible. Gather as many friends as possible from various faculties or from various regions. Not only limited to on campus, multiply friends outside campus. They will be your strength in the future, because many friends means a lot of opportunities to get information

3. Open-minded
Open thinking is one way to become an outstanding student! With an open mind, you will find it easier to discuss many things. Try taking the time to exchange ideas with friends, lecturers, or the academic community at college. You will find various kinds of new ideas, free to see the wide world, and input that can be feedback for you. When discussing, don’t forget to be generous in accepting other people’s criticism as an advantage to improve yourself even better. Believe me, by exchanging thoughts and opinions with many people, the insights you have will definitely increase without having to learn much in particular.

4.Trying positive things
Being exposed to new things is one way to hone our creativity. So that we can solve any problems that come our way. We can also learn from mistakes so as not to repeat them. You are still young, so find a lot of mistakes so that you are prepared for the trials in the future.

5. Active in a Club or Organization
Choose a club or organization that suits your hobbies and passions. Being involved in an organization will give you a lot of experience that you don’t get in college classes. Besides getting different experiences, so you can upgrade yourself. You will have the opportunity to learn how to work with a team, communication, networking opportunities to build relationships that are useful in the future career path, and also develop leadership skills. Moreover, with lots of connections, you can pave the way for self-exploration such as competitions, tournaments, or other projects. You will certainly be much more optimal in seizing the opportunity to succeed in your work.

So, there are some ways you can do so that you can become an outstanding student! Do it with determination, intention, and routine. If you start with positive intentions and earnestly, you will definitely be able to achieve the best results in the end. Keep up the spirit!

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… Wassalamu’alaikum


October, 2020

Starting a Healthy Life in the New Normal Era

Assalamualaikum friends

Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about Starting a Healthy Life in the New Normal Era. For more details, let’s read through to the end guys …

It’s never too late to start a healthy life. Starting with the desire to change bad habits, accompanied by persistence to be healthy, and followed by perseverance to a new lifestyle.

One of the resolutions of entering the new normal era is starting a healthy life. Starting a healthy life can be done anytime and anywhere, but it needs to be accompanied by persistence in doing it every day. With this uncertain situation in this new normal era , having a healthy body is everyone’s dream .

Always keep clean
So that you are not susceptible to viruses or fall sick during new normal, always keep clean, especially when doing activities outside. Don’t forget to always adhere to health protocols by using a mask when going out of the house. Additionally, always keep your hands clean when you are outside by washing your hands frequently using anti-bacterial soap, or you can use a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean and moist.

Regular exercise
COVID-19 can affect anyone. So that you don’t get infected easily, make sure to keep your body healthy and increase your immune system. One of the things that needs to be done is not to eliminate exercise habits even in the midst of a pandemic. You 
You don’t have to exercise every day. Exercise at least three times a week with a duration of 30-60 minutes per session. Even though New Normal has started to allow you to carry out outdoor activities, you should still do sports at home to minimize meeting people, thereby reducing the risk of contracting the virus.

Starting a healthy life in the middle of the new normal may sound difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Keeping your body healthy from an early age is a smart step to invest in old age. It’s never too late to be healthier, but it takes persistence and a high will to be able to change your old habits into a better lifestyle.

So, here are some things you can do while at home to face the new normal era. I hope this helps:)
Wassalamualaikum.. .


August, 2020


Enjoy 🙂 …

Assalamualaikum friends
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about tips for prospective new students. For more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .
Soon new students will enter university life. What do you think that college is like? Here are tips for new students so that your college life is worth-to-remember. Curious? Just read below.

1. Active in student activities or organizations
Of course , not all students are interested in participating in campus and organizational activities. But, not a few are also interested in joining, you know! Participating in various campus activities and filling your spare time with positive activities will help explore and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. This advantage is what you will be able to hone during the lecture period. You can participate in various championships between campuses or even participate in organizing the championships itself. Taking part in campus activities will also be useful for increasing your network of friends on campus and adding to your organizational history on your CV. Oh yeah, your experience in this student organization can later add a plus when applying for a job, you know!  

2. Keep academic matters as your priority
Dense student activities or organizations, don’t let your GPA decrease, huh! It’s okay to have fun with new friends and be active in campus activities, but don’t forget that there are achievements that you must maintain or even improve. It will also show that you are a freshman who is responsible for your grades in class despite having a busy schedule. Surely you don’t want to graduate late just because your grades don’t meet the requirements, right? After all, how do you explain to the company you are applying for if your organizational activities are proud of you but your grades do not show the same achievements as yours in the organization.

3. Learn to manage finances
Being in college means you are no longer a child. Someone who is at this point will soon face the real world where you have to struggle to support yourself. It is important for you to learn to manage finances from an early age. At times like this, you must be able to distinguish what is important and what is not. If you can’t manage a small amount of money, you will have difficulty managing finances later when you are working. Better yet, if you have started thinking about ways to earn your own income for your needs. You know, companies that employ students as part-time workers. So, you can also start looking for additional money from here.

So, here are some tips that you can do so that your lectures don’t go in vain and monotonous. I hope this helps : )

Thank you for visiting my blog, see you on my next blog. I’m hafiqah dwi ramadhan see you later
wassalamualaikum.. .


July, 2020


Assalamu’alaikum friends.. .
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about tips on dealing with boredom at home. for more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .

There are times when we have to stay indoors for a long time. As in current conditions, where the government encourages its citizens to stay at home alone because they are in trouble, namely the corona virus. By because the require us to stay at home for days or even weeks.

One problem that may arise when you have to stay at home is the emergence of boredom. If this problem is not managed properly, it can lead to things that damage mental health.

Now, to combat boredom and boredom, it helps us to carry out productive and useful activities.

Want to know what useful activities you can do while you have free time at home. Here are 3 creative ways to get rid of boredom.
How to get rid of boredom :

1. Gardening
Gardening is one way to get closer to nature. Gardening at home is also an alternative for those of us who don’t have time to go to nature because of busy routines.
Having lots of plants at home can make your home beautiful with plant decorations, as well as facilitate air circulation around the house and make it cooler.

2. Playing with Pets
Playing with your pet at home is fun. Not only as a playmate, raising animals also provides positive things for you, such as developing a bond with your pet, being responsible, and your boredom will disappear seeing the cute behavior of the pet. Like I have a pet that is a cat, where we and my family really like to keep cats. Hehe…

3. Blogging
Like writing, blogging has many benefits. Blogging activities are not limited to writing articles, editing and publishing. Blogging can add insight for them to what you write. Like what I’m doing right now friends …

4.Learning Foreign Languages
Learning a new language has many benefits, especially in the era of modern globalization like now. Therefore, the professional world makes foreign languages such as English as the main communication language.

Well guys , you already know activities that can get rid of boredom when you have to stay long in the house.

So do activities that are beneficial and positive.

Thank you for visiting my blog, see you on my next blog. I’m hafiqah dwi ramadhan see you later
wassalamualaikum.. .


June, 2020

Hi guys.. assalamu’alaikum
Welcome to my blog it’s me hafiqah. How are you all? I hope it will be all right there. Okay, this time I will share with you about “FUN ENGLISH LEARNING TIPS”.

so enjoy guys…

We live in modern times where mastering English is a necessity that might be said as primary. Previously, we knew that primary needs were those that included clothing, shelter and food. However, over time, English was included in these needs, including methods of learning English that over time also changed . 
English is a universal language that is very often used by people in the world to communicate. That is, if we master English, then we will be able to communicate with anyone.

Here are several methods to learn English fast and fun:

Many things can be done to find out how to learn English effectively, one of them is by using music as a learning medium . With the song also we will quickly learn how to pronounce various words properly and correctly.
The rhythm contained in a song can help to remember words better. With the help of these components, we will remember more deeply and will be remembered for quite a long period of time. In learning English using song media, there will be advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of learning English using songs can improve memory and understand vocabulary more effectively. With songs can also help to develop Pronounciation Skills with good intonation. Children will prefer English quickly because this way of learning will create a pleasant atmosphere and not feel bored.
The notes contained in the song will make the mood also happy. Make children comfortable and begin to be lulled with the tone and language conveyed.

Learning English with friends can help you more effectively in English. You can practice conversations using English together. Learning English with friends can help you understand English more easily. 
Listen and understand each other. we definitely need other people to talk or exchange ideas. And one of the activities that can train the way we make friends is group learning. When we study in groups, we can train ourselves to speak and express opinions politely in front of friends. And also by learning with friends can increase enthusiasm for learning
Usually we become more eager to learn than if we study alone. But be careful, don’t let the joke be more than learning! To study a group, of course you need a friend who becomes a study group with you. Actually whoever your friends can be invited to join together. But selectively choosing a study partner is also necessary, make sure they really want, sincere, and sincere learning and sharing knowledge with you later. 
that was the tips, there are actually a lot but I only focus 2, hopefully can help friends in learning English.

Never give up until you get it

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… Wassalamu’alaikum


May, 2020

Hi everyone.. Assalamu’alaikum

Taqabbalallaahi minnaa wa minkum taqabbal yaa kariim, wa ja’alanaallaahu wa iyyaakum minal ‘aaidin wal faaiziinwal maqbuulin kullu ‘ammin wa antum bi khair. Happy Eid Mubarak 1441 H. I would like to ask for forgiveness for every mistake I’ve done, May Allah guide us to see the right way to be better.

Welcome to my blog “its me hafiqah”. How are you all? I hope it will be all right there. For those of you who have just joined my blog, my name is Hafiqah Dwi Ramadhan, students in the Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala majoring D4 hotel management. For more details, see my first blog yeah hehe … on this occasion I want to share stories with you, there are lots of stories I want to share with you all.

This month we are entering the month of Ramadhan, Ramadhan this year may be a little different for Muslims around the world given the corona virus or Covid-19 outbreak that reaches every country is no exception in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health has appealed that the Indonesian people continue to maintain endurance during this pandemic. One of the best ways to maintain endurance is to consume nutritious food and adequate rest.

However, because of the severity of the plague the government requires everyone to work at home, study at home and carry out other activities at home, hoping to break the chain of epidemics. Well, it is recommended by the government, but even for the taraweh prayer, it cannot be done in the mosque to avoid the crowd and the spread of the 19th plague, yes I have to accept the fact, this plague is getting worse and the government must have done and thought of the best before deciding something. during this Ramadhan, there is no breaking fast together, ngabuburit even for taraweh is not even there.

I hope the covid 19 outbreak will end soon, and we can get back to normal activities. So much wisdom that I can get, I learned and I made a lesson from every trial and event that I experienced. Alhamdulillah, my gratitude is increasing with every thing that happens in Ramadhan in 2020, my Earth, soon gets better.

Do what is best in your life, don’t be afraid to start.

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… wassalamu’alaikum


April, 2020

Hi guys this is my first journal. Welcome to my blog ” it’s me hafiqah “, i want to introduce my self, my name is Hafiqah Dwi Ramadhan, and I am a student in politeknik bintan cakrawala, major D4 hotel management.I’ll tell you a little about my activities in April, activities as a student. Indonesia and the world currently have a corona virus pandemic problem, which began in January 2020 in China. as we know that the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia caused the government to call on people to limit physical contact. Daily activities such as work, study, and worship are recommended to be carried out in their respective homes. All activities do not run as usual, schools from elementary to college are mostly vacationed to study from home, but different on the campus where I go to college, we continue to carry out lecture activities as usual but still follow the direction of directives to avoid covid-19. such as social distancing or keeping a distance and do not gather to do activities that are not important, basking in the sun for 10-15 minutes to minimize the presence of bacteria or viruses in our bodies, washing hands using a hand sanitizer, wearing a mask every time you go to campus and go shopping to the food court, many things we do to avoid this Corona virus.

And also I would like to play futsal can not do anything related to this Corona virus.
Usually my friend and I play futsal on Friday night to develop the talent that exists in students who love futsal. for now we as much as possible refrain from doing gathering activities. It certainly also affects the traditions and habits of the month of Ramadhan. If Muslims usually carry out fasting by breaking together or tarawih prayers in the mosque together, this time it is forced to do without groups, only with members of the nuclear family, in their respective homes. And also this month we do Ramadan fasting amid this very dangerous plague, the first time my friends and I are fasting in the dormitory, breaking the fast and breaking the fast together. Remind each other to worship and build fasting friends to eat the meal, this is a very memorable moment during the month of Ramadan as it is today, strengthening each other in the face of the Corona virus pandemic and also conducting fasting with friends. For all of you who are fasting, hopefully you can run without any obstacles and also keep your spirits up against the Corona virus pandemic, hopefully this will all pass quickly and we can carry out activities as usual. Thank you for your attention who have read this story, see you in my story next month.


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