April, 2020

Hi guys this is my first journal. Welcome to my blog ” it’s me hafiqah “, i want to introduce my self, my name is Hafiqah Dwi Ramadhan, and I am a student in politeknik bintan cakrawala, major D4 hotel management.I’ll tell you a little about my activities in April, activities as a student. Indonesia and the world currently have a corona virus pandemic problem, which began in January 2020 in China. as we know that the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia caused the government to call on people to limit physical contact. Daily activities such as work, study, and worship are recommended to be carried out in their respective homes. All activities do not run as usual, schools from elementary to college are mostly vacationed to study from home, but different on the campus where I go to college, we continue to carry out lecture activities as usual but still follow the direction of directives to avoid covid-19. such as social distancing or keeping a distance and do not gather to do activities that are not important, basking in the sun for 10-15 minutes to minimize the presence of bacteria or viruses in our bodies, washing hands using a hand sanitizer, wearing a mask every time you go to campus and go shopping to the food court, many things we do to avoid this Corona virus.

And also I would like to play futsal can not do anything related to this Corona virus.
Usually my friend and I play futsal on Friday night to develop the talent that exists in students who love futsal. for now we as much as possible refrain from doing gathering activities. It certainly also affects the traditions and habits of the month of Ramadhan. If Muslims usually carry out fasting by breaking together or tarawih prayers in the mosque together, this time it is forced to do without groups, only with members of the nuclear family, in their respective homes. And also this month we do Ramadan fasting amid this very dangerous plague, the first time my friends and I are fasting in the dormitory, breaking the fast and breaking the fast together. Remind each other to worship and build fasting friends to eat the meal, this is a very memorable moment during the month of Ramadan as it is today, strengthening each other in the face of the Corona virus pandemic and also conducting fasting with friends. For all of you who are fasting, hopefully you can run without any obstacles and also keep your spirits up against the Corona virus pandemic, hopefully this will all pass quickly and we can carry out activities as usual. Thank you for your attention who have read this story, see you in my story next month.

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