January, 2021

Assalamualaikum friends
Hi all welcome back on my blog it’s me hafiqah, here I will discuss about the happy month, December
for more details, let’s read through to the end guys.. .

Do you guys know about me this month? Haha maybe not, this month is my birth month, to be precise on December 24 I have my 20th birthday. On that day I was very happy because many cared for me and wished me goodness, unfortunately on that day I was not with my family, because I was at the Lagoi dormitory to carry out my assignments for college, at that time we were all in our final semester exams.

2 days after that we have finished our exams and arrived on the day of the holidays, yeayy the day we have been waiting for is a vacation. After coming home I was very surprised because my family had prepared everything, we would eat and pray together on that day for my growing age, I was very moved and thankful to them, at that time I hope in all the prayers that are said can be granted by Allah SWT. Oh yeah btw, happy Christmas for my celebrating friends.

Nah now arrives on New Year’s Eve, me and all my friends here will hold an event, namely camping and barbeque on the pangolin beach, from the morning we prepare whatever we will bring, starting from food, tents, and all that is needed. And at 5 o’clock in the afternoon we went to the location point, which is at the top of the hill at Senggiling beach, on the way we went through many obstacles, because the accessibility there was very poor, the road was muddy, rocky, and lots of weeds covering, for information also that there is currently a north wind happening.

After arriving there we took photos, and set up tents, and prepared a fire for the barbeque, after that we grilled the chicken corn sausage that we had brought to eat together, after finishing we immediately sat down together to eat on a cold night and a strong wind, It arrived at 12 o’clock at night and the new year began, we all prayed for all of us to be better, our hopes and desires were raised. It was 2:00 p.m., it was already starting to rain, and the wind was already so strong that we decided to go home. After descending from the top of the hill we tried to pass the first road, at which time the waves were high and already high. We turned to follow the second road so we could go home. After a while we came out of the beach with a drizzle, even though we were very happy to be together, because we haven’t been like this for a long time.
After that we went home and rested, when I arrived home I immediately took a shower and after that I thanked Allah Almighty because this month a lot of happiness has been given to me, in the month of my birth I was very happy, we must always be grateful to him, because with him that we can be like today.
Well, that’s my story in this happy and very impressive month, I hope that in 2021 we can love ourselves more and can do good things out there. this is my story, where is your story?

I am hafiqah, see you on my next blog guys… Wassalamu’alaikum

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