April Pandemic

My name is Muhammad Ilyas Salam. From D4 in Hospitality Management, Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic.
During the beginning to the end of April, the lecture atmosphere changed very dramatically. Yes this change is certainly due to the pandemic that occurred COVID-19. COVID-19 had a big impact on tourists, while all sectors increased the decline which resulted in considerable losses due to this pandemic.

Even I myself am actually quite worried about this pandemic. I was so scared that even for one more month I never ate at the food court again. I always carry stock from home or just buy instant noodles.
Our college also opposes the impact of this pandemic. It is different from other campuses which provide vacation and online lecture activities for this pandemic. We continue to conduct lecture activities as usual. This is because the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic is a high school, where most courses are difficult practices that can be done online.
At the beginning of this pandemic, we only chose to use compilation masks in the public and open areas. This virus can be cut off.
Then, regarding the compilation of orangutans that were declared positive by the corona in Tanjung Pinang, the population of diarea was increasingly tightened. That is provided to use a compilation mask from a residence or dormitory. Also all college residents must check the date compilation and go home from college.
College also tightened up, all students are required to use masks and also do social distancing. In the process of lecture hours too, we are required to use masks in addition to that the seating position is increasingly spaced. Then also in front of the class provided soap and water for washing hands to minimize spread if there is a covid-19 infected.
The longer due to this pandemic, the college also made a policy where all students must sunbathe every morning at 9 am for ten minutes.
In addition, all students who when going on holiday want to go home outside the Lagoi area, are required to fill out the check-out form and when returning to fill in the check-in form.
Even from the end of April, students who live outside Bintan are not encouraged to go home. If they persist in leaving, then when they return they must stay in a separate dormitory for 14 days.
During this April there was a lot of unexpected things happening, yes of course all this was caused by this pandemic. In fact, many college activities have been postponed.

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