I am currently working on an internship report that I made about two months ago. Is that slow progress? But I think I enjoyed every moment I went through today. Although sometimes my brain feels like it doesn’t want to work, I don’t understand what I’m writing even though I try to understand it. But when the energy is on, I can finish several pages at once. But still, I’m not done yet. I will change or add more ideas to what I have done when I get new references or because of reading over and over what I’ve been working on.

I am a little difficult to provide guidance for my report, because my supervisor is a busy person. He has to teach several classes at the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic and must organize student activities because he is one of the student affairs. But when he has nothing to do, he will tell his students (guidance children) to come to see him when he is on campus or to do anything brave.

Lately, I feel unwell, so I have permission to seek treatment and rest for fear of unwanted things happening due to this pandemic. . However, I still enjoyed my internship because here I got a lot of knowledge. Even though what we made on the campus was only a little bit, I had to try my best to memorize quite a lot of entries in the ticket sales section. After the ticket sales department I moved to the marketing department. Here I am still a little bit related to tickets to see the most updated information about passengers using airlines. I also took part in government visits and several travel agencies.

Since covid-19 people’s income has decreased and many employees have been laid off or laid off. Because of this, I hope that Covid-19 will end soon and return to normal

That’s my story, thank you for reading 



Hello everyone is back with stories about me …
The story of a student who is doing field work practice. I am the one who goes from home to the internship location every day. Sometimes it feels tired to go to the internship if the weather is not supportive, but you have to do it.
Earlier this month I was still at the check-in section. I moved part mid-March. This section of my activities is still the same as my previous story. Here I am more active and acting because I interact directly with customers.
After checking in, I got my turn at the ticketing office. But here it was much different when I was at the check-in section. here I am more relaxed because sometimes we serve customers via WhatsApp even though sometimes there are some customers who come directly to the office.
After several days at the Garuda Indonesia branch office, we were told that we were going to send a vaccine injection which will be held on March 30th. At first I was afraid because I had to get injections. But I tried to be brave. A few days later we departed from the office to the airport to administer the covid-19 vaccine injection.
Before the injection I followed the queue to be checked first. After checking, it turned out that my blood was low 90/80. At that time I did not have lunch. So asked by the doctor to have lunch first. After lunch, I went back for a blood check and it turned out to be 130/80.
After it was declared that I could get injections, I followed the queue and then got my turn to be injected. After finishing we also returned to the office while waiting for the return hour. A few hours later I felt dizzy and the injection was sore. I feel my body getting weaker. I had difficulty sleeping because my body sometimes shivered and sometimes felt hot. Two days in a row felt like that. And then after taking the medicine I felt better.
Alright until here my story first .. we continue again next month
thank you



Hello everyone is back with my story ..

The story where I was doing the Fieldwork Practice. Two weeks early February I was still practicing in the cargo division after that I moved to the check-in counter. However, every time we moved our department we had to submit a report to the head of Garuda Indonesia Tanjungpinang.
I really enjoyed this training period, even though the check-in was very different from the cargo. In cargo, my supervisor and I mostly sat in the cargo building while filling in PTI and others until the operational hours ended. But at check in I was more motion and action. Here I am also taught to be more thorough and sensitive to circumstances because in this section I interact directly with customers.
There are many lessons that I can get from check-in, I’ve learned this a little bit when I studied at the campus. However, what I have learned from campus is very little. Apparently there is still a lot of knowledge that needs to be learned, it is very difficult to understand everything that is checked in within a month because it is not only the way to check in passengers but also to learn at the gate, lost and found. I am grateful that I understand some important documents that I practice every day.

Alright until here my story first .. we continue again next month
thank you


Story In Early 2021

Hello all readers of my story.
Back again with my story this month. The first month of 2021. My hope is that this year is much better than the previous year and that the pandemic will end soon. Earlier this year I was busy taking care of documents for internships. After all that is over I enjoy a little time before the internship starts for vacation and gathering with family.
On January 15, 2021, my first internship at Garuda Indonesia Tanjungpinang. Here we are only five of us because the others got internships at Garuda Indonesia Batam. Initially we were still confused about which department to determine because there are five departments, namely customer service, ticketing, cargo, check-in, and marketing and we will be rolled out every month. Here we use a lottery system to find out which department we got. I finally got the cargo department this first month.

I was surprised because in the first month I got this part because at the campus we just learned about basic cargo and I thought my cargo would pick up the goods that were going to be sent or those that came, it turned out that I thought the cargo was wrong not only to lift goods but there were files that had to be prepared as well as many daily reports that must be prepared. I learned a lot in this cargo. From problems in my office, I learned to listen to people’s opinions more and respect time more.
I hope to be able to carry out this activity with full enthusiasm even though we have more and more work to do. And may the pandemic end soon. That’s my story this month, thank you my readers


Diary In December

Hello readers, come back to my story during the pandemic. I hope that everything is still fine. Because of the covid-19, my friends and I never did any practice outside, but earlier this month it started with doing field practice in Bandar Bentan Telani. Feeling happy that we finally did practice outside the campus even though it was still in the Bintan Resort area. We really enjoy our practice even though we think this is our last practice because soon we will have an internship.
And after a few days of doing practice outside our campus to continue the odd semester final exam, the fear of taking the exam started to hit. However, this feeling diminished because my friend and I were repeating lessons together. We studied together to understand some unknown material so I feel like I can do a good final semester test. In the middle of doing this odd semester final exam we also always discuss our internship preparation. After all the exams were over we were given time off. However, I didn’t go home right away because I was part of the KasmaRun committee. To participate in this activity the entire committee and participants must do a rapid test and participants who do not do a rapid test will not be allowed to enter the event.

Even though the event was different from last year, not a few people were interested in registering for the event and I really enjoyed the event even though I was here as the committee. after the event is over I get ready to go home.
And it didn’t go straight to vacation, I took care of all the paperwork that had to be prepared for the internship. After all, I enjoy my vacation by hanging out with my family.
That’s all my story this month, I hope you are always in good condition. Thank you


Dies Natalies

Hello all…
23 November 2020.…
Anniversary is the most valuable day for the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic campus because it is the day the beloved campus of Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic is ratified. This year is the second anniversary of the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic campus, in the previous year I participated in an event at the anniversary event, namely as an offering dancer. For this year’s anniversary, my friend and I are planning to participate in the event, but it is a little different from the previous year. As members of the Arts and Culture Student Activity Unit, we are planning to perform creative dances at this year’s anniversary event. We discussed the plan with the event committee first and it turned out that we educated us to perform these creations.
This creative dance consists of 10 people in which there are 5 women and 5 men. The participants who presented this were not only semester 1 students but also joined semester 3 students. At first we tried to practice without a coach, but we had a little trouble fostering a movement with that many members. And finally we asked for help by Cekgu Rendy to teach. Why is check rendy? Because someone who owns or can even be said to be an expert in dancing and he is also a teacher at SMA Tunas Bangsa.
In this exercise we can only meet face to face twice a week with Cekgu Rendy. Because of our enthusiasm, it only took us two days to finish one song. Even though Cekgu was not able to attend we still practiced to maximize our performance so we spent three to four times sometimes there were some things that made us cancel training such as injuries and fever.
After one month we spent practicing, the day came when the performers had to do a rehearsal. Where is the day to solidify all clutter and minimize additional movement. However, on that day three of our members dropped out so we couldn’t do rehearsals and just watched for rest.
There is a miracle that comes, right on the day we have to perform again as before no one hurts anymore, maybe because of the passion that exists in us and the team that encourages each other. We came together to the campus to prepare. However, the schedule of activities on that day did not match so we all panicked because two of us had not finished make-up. A few minutes later everyone finished make-up and immediately headed to the waiting room with their respective panics. Finally we came up with satisfying results. Thank you….


A long time

Hello readers, come back with my story this month with a long time. The expansion of our own monitoring made us have to stay in the Lagoi area. I still miss home, family and friends this month. I want to go home soon.

My activity earlier this month was to attend the welcoming of new students who were handed over directly by the Mayor of Tanjung Pinang. here I participate as an offering dancer. I am happy to be invited to join this event because dancing is one of my hobbies.

After participating in these activities, I thought about what activities I would do for the next month while still doing social distancing. However, I didn’t do much activity. I have to complete some assignments from the lecturer. in my spare time I take the time to jog and play volleyball with my friends.

Missing home, family and friends again. The desire to return home came back and became increasingly homesick. Reduce it by always communicating via video calls with your family at home.

We often share the complaints we feel. Until one day I think we should enjoy this self-monitoring period, don’t be a burden because next year, God willing, we will become OJT and don’t know when we will meet again. Now is our chance to share more with friends here. After that I started to enjoy being here without thinking about having to go home even though the desire to go home still crossed my mind.

Our days were spent having fun, until finally we got the news that we will perform a creative dance on the second campus anniversary. After that, we started thinking about the songs and people to include. At first we were confused by this dance move. After another discussion, finally we asked Mr. Rendy for help to teach us. Finally Mr. Rendy agreed to teach us and we started practicing.

Thank you for everything. Maybe that’s all I can tell about in this journal, hopefully readers don’t get bored with what I always write and apologize because this journal is not interesting. Take care of your health and keep your distance so that we always avoid Covid-19 and other diseases, see you later



Hallo readers, it doesn’t feel like it’s September, maybe you are confused about why you just read it in October, because this is my mistake who just wrote it hehehe….
This September I began to return to the dormitory and conduct lectures. Here we continue to follow the health protocol. I was bored for too long in the dorm. I miss home, family and doing activities with friends. Because there is a health protocol, I have to reduce crowd activities. I spend time playing volleyball with my friends in the dorms. even so, we also continue to implement social distancing for friends who watch volleyball.
I’m really confused about writing this journal because I don’t do a lot of things just studying and doing assignments, I feel very bored doing these things over and over and over again.
Besides, studying too much theory made me feel even more bored. I want to go home to get rid of a little longing. September we talked a lot about the internship. Here I hope that during my internship I can still wear the hijab even though I know that in the world of tourism this possibility is very small. But I feel happy because the campus is trying to make those of us who want to wear the hijab still wear it during internships, even though there is no certainty.
After two weeks in the dorms I was glad it was time to go home. However, our self-monitoring period was extended. I really miss the atmosphere of gathering with family at home and friends.
Even so I have to enjoy it because I think that soon we will be apprenticed and will separate from each other. Now is our time to spend together doing things that will be remembered forever.
Thank you for everything. Maybe this is all I can tell in this journal, I hope the readers don’t get bored with what I always write and I apologize because this journal is less interesting. Stay healthy and keep your distance so that we always avoid Covid-19 and other diseases, see you again


Still In a Pandemic Atmosphere part 2

Hello … How are you readers, I hope you are all well even though you are still in this pandemic state. I have just felt the new normal atmosphere, now I hear the news that the number of victims affected by Covid19 has increased so that the government has re-implemented work from home for this 1 month. Work from home will continue until next month if the number of people infected with Covid19 increases. The government continues to recommend that people maintain distance between each other to reduce the possibility of being exposed to Covid

I started preparing myself for class again but our course, which was supposed to start the second week of this month, was pushed back until the end of the month. At that time I started to get confused about what activities should I do while staying at home.

I have to do homework first before I do other activities. I have to wash, clean the house and cook first. I did that because I remembered that my mother had to work. After all the homework is done, I help my younger brother with his schoolwork.

When there are tools and ingredients for making cakes or other foods I always try to make them. I tried to bake some cakes even though they failed sometimes. I hope I gain weight during the holidays even though I may not. In the afternoon I take the time to jog. After that, it was continued by playing volleyball with friends.

This month we welcome the 75th independence of the Indonesian republic with a different atmosphere. There were no legacy flag-raising troops like the previous years and there was no popular race. Even so, we must still fly the heirloom flag at home with a high and upward pole as a symbol of the 75th anniversary of the independence of the Indonesian republic.

This month we also welcome the Islamic New Year and the area where I live usually welcomes the Islamic New Year by holding a “reject bala kampung” event. In the ceremony, every house prepares ketupat, yellow rice and roasts to be brought to that place. Then the people gather at the place carrying the items that have been determined. Even if they are gathered, everyone who comes must keep their distance.

Still in a state of covid19, the community must think more about personal health. If you feel something different about yourself, you should immediately check it. In addition, you must maintain your diet and drink lots of water. . Thank you for reading my journal this month. I hope you are always on a good path, see you in the next journal.


Still In a Pandemic Atmosphere

Hi friends, back to my story during this visit. How are you, I hope you are all well but still in a state of this pandemic. When the government has implemented new norms, that does not mean we are free to do anything. No doubt because the government still allows people to keep their distance between people to ask for clear agreement.
I am still doing tranning this month, maybe until the end of the month. This activity is made so that our vacation time is not in vain. Should not be able to study. However, I have challenges in making this HEA transfer such as network and even internet quota. In the area where I live the data network is spared from problems. It is difficult for me to join the zoom link.
Aside from activities, I had to arrange data for my sister’s re-registration because she had just started junior high school, so a lot of data had to be prepared. After re-registration is complete and announcements are received or have been delivered, learning begins online. I also guide my sister to learn from home.
In the midst of my sister’s training and teaching, my activities at home were cooking, and cleaning the house. Because cooking this pandemic is my biggest hobby, I still don’t need to be good at cooking. I tried to make some foods that I had never made before. I also tried making lava cake. Several times it failed but I kept trying until finally succeeded. I am happy to be able to cook some dishes that I have never made. And during this pandemic I thought I had a little weight. In the afternoon I took the time to jog to stay healthy.
However, in the new norm, we must keep our distance from others. that doesn’t mean being arrogant just needs to deal with people recklessly. We also have to take time to exercise. Thank you for reading my journal this month, I hope you always have fun, see you next journal.