Activitity In April”

April is the first part of my second semester. Sometimes I get tired because of the many assignments given by the lecturer. Like now, the tour package that I am currently making must be made. Determine accommodations, transportation, and tourist recreation that can be of interest to tourists. However, all that is not a reason for me to be lazy to learn but there are some explanations from lecturers that I do not understand. To relax myself I go to a place that can make me feel calmer. In addition, culinary tours can make me calm.

In addition to learning and practical activities, this month I also conducted a Midterm Examination (UTS). I help the materials themselves as well as discuss with friends related material for the exam. This is my way of preparing myself to work on the Midterm Exams. In fact, there are three subjects assessing first to do the Mid Semester Examination and even the Final Semester Examination before the specified schedule. However, covid-19 made the practice test activities that had to be done off campus to be approved and replaced by the way the campus was one of the destinations we wanted to visit.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic as it is now the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic still does not take action to learn and work at home like in other campuses. However, it is done to prevent contracting COVID-19 well done, as everyone who has to be controlled by the horizon polytechnic campus is required to use a good mask for staff, staff, students who want to be visited as well. In addition, social distance, sunbathing, and providing tools to save hands in every corner of the campus. The campus also requested not to travel to Tanjung Pinang, Kijangand Batam first because the area had released the red zone. However, if there are still those who make the trip a self-monitoring system will be applied for fourteen days.

The emergence of the covid-19 outbreak made me feel happy because he was not permitted to ask for taraweh in the mosque. In addition, the covid-19 outbreak also resulted in declining income for the community. I hope everything will end soon so that the community can carry out activities as usual, Aamiin.

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