Hello everyone is back with stories about me …
The story of a student who is doing field work practice. I am the one who goes from home to the internship location every day. Sometimes it feels tired to go to the internship if the weather is not supportive, but you have to do it.
Earlier this month I was still at the check-in section. I moved part mid-March. This section of my activities is still the same as my previous story. Here I am more active and acting because I interact directly with customers.
After checking in, I got my turn at the ticketing office. But here it was much different when I was at the check-in section. here I am more relaxed because sometimes we serve customers via WhatsApp even though sometimes there are some customers who come directly to the office.
After several days at the Garuda Indonesia branch office, we were told that we were going to send a vaccine injection which will be held on March 30th. At first I was afraid because I had to get injections. But I tried to be brave. A few days later we departed from the office to the airport to administer the covid-19 vaccine injection.
Before the injection I followed the queue to be checked first. After checking, it turned out that my blood was low 90/80. At that time I did not have lunch. So asked by the doctor to have lunch first. After lunch, I went back for a blood check and it turned out to be 130/80.
After it was declared that I could get injections, I followed the queue and then got my turn to be injected. After finishing we also returned to the office while waiting for the return hour. A few hours later I felt dizzy and the injection was sore. I feel my body getting weaker. I had difficulty sleeping because my body sometimes shivered and sometimes felt hot. Two days in a row felt like that. And then after taking the medicine I felt better.
Alright until here my story first .. we continue again next month
thank you

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