December Journal

 Hey guys

 Already don’t feel it, this is my 3rd journal, I want to tell you about my activities during December, OK, let’s start

 December is a busy month with exams, where we do the final semester exams and this time I get a lot of assignments for the first semester exams, in my opinion, it’s quite tough because this time the exam is 5 chefs, and where each of these courses is very time consuming  , such as one of the pastry courses where a team consists of 4 people and makes a menu of 5 cakes in one day then the chocolate making exam and quintal cooking exam, all the practice is done on the same day from morning to evening, then for  the preparation for the manufacture also requires 1 full week starting from morning to night

 After the exam was completed, the lecturer also offered several people to follow the competition while the competition was the Batam culinary festive event where the organizer was the Batam Junior High School, it should have been that after doing uas we took the semester off and I was chosen by the campus to represent one of the competitions, and the competition was  table top, and with some people from the hospitality department after that I continued to practice for a full week and was in the kitchen after training for the race, the long-awaited gari came I got ready to go to Batam using the Roro boat

 After arriving in Batam, I rushed to the place of the race and I saw many participants from various places or well-known hotel hotels who would later compete with me, after waiting for 1 hour the competition I participated in started, my target was 12 points with one time.  my watch was rushing to finish my cooking, I was not confident that I could do that, and time ran out and I could work on the challenge of the competition, after the race I was waiting for my turn to be at my food auction, and sold 280 thousand with  the highest price among all the participants, I am proud of myself then after that we waited a while for the announcement of the race and how shocked I was to get second place, at that time I felt disbelief and I wanted to cry proud of myself,  inj my first experience in a Culinary competition event and get a champion



Eyooo welcome to my journal back

Now I want to tell you about my activities during November, where this month was the busiest or busiest month that I did, why was it hard? Because I was a participant in the 2nd anniversary of the Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala, and I filled in events in the field of creative dance and colossal dance, where dance was my first experience and before I had never participated in dancing, so before joining or filling our event selected by the chairperson and deputy of the UNIT KEGIATAN MAHASISWA in the arts and I also took part in various dance practice exercises to be presented at the polytechnic birthday for a whole month, for the first week was my first practice, where in my opinion the training was a little tough because I had never doing these activities, on the first day I exercise in the morning my legs with my thighs are blue blue or bruised from the training, I can’t walk as normal as yesterday before I joined the dance, I didn’t give up and I decided to join the activity Then the exercises are done every day, the body feels tired especially when it comes to suffering there are so many campus assignments, I’m confused about which one to do. After I followed step by step, colossal dance activities and dance creations I didn’t believe I could do them well, and I became more confident in my abilities so far. I am ready to appear on the 2nd anniversary of Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala, even if every day passes, only a few days are left to the event, our team decided to practice as much as possible so that the movements are more perfect

and the day came on day-1 of the event, where almost all of the participants dropped, some coughed and passed out into a mass trance, we were very tired and really needed rest, after that the lecturer also bought vitamin C for us so that our stamina would return to normal and be able to fill the event tomorrow

The day of the day arrived where the team and I were very nervous or nervous, we performed very well, although there were a few mistakes in the movement due to nervousness, but it was okay, because we had practiced as much as possible for the event

The impression is really exciting for my first experience and I will try to participate in artistic activities that will be carried out in the future

It’s a little story in November

so thanks bro


October Journal

Hey ……

My name is Marchelino Aditya Prayoga often called Yoga, I am now 18 years old and now I study at the Bintan CakrawalaPolytechnic, this is my first HEA monthly activity report, so here I want to tell you about activities during college

Why take culinary arts? Because I really like culinary and really like doing business, from that I want to explore more and want to go to school in the culinary field and Allhamdulillah I have the opportunity to become one of the HEA scholarship recipients and enter the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic, and in PBC I have the opportunity to become Deputy chairman of BEM in 2020 / 2021,

During my study at PBC, I felt very happy apart from the lessons and the fun practice. The organization with the Student Work Unit (UKM) was no less exciting. The most exciting thing was that I learned a lot of knowledge that I have never encountered so far and I When I met this lecture, the most exciting point was that after practicing, I could immediately eat food or taste the food so that our tongues were even more sensitive to taste.

Oh yes, usually after practice we also learn to decorate plates and present our cooking results to the lecturer, and ask the lecturer to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our dishes, so we can learn more from our shortcomings, let’s just say that the lecturer is a guest who eats our food. he he And in PBC Semester one there are 5 different and cool cool chefs, oh yeah apart and I’m interested in some lessons that I think match my interests, namely pastry

In addition to learning activities, I am busy with the BEM organization, where every week there must be a student progress report or the progress of the UKM itself and I also participate in the art student work unit (UKM) and now I am busy with creative dance exercises for next month’s event, the birthday event. in the 2nd year of PBC, where dancing was a new thing in my life, before I had never participated in dancing, but because I was a little interested and wanted to learn to dance, I took dance lessons every 2 times a week



Nama saya Marchelino Aditya Prayoga saya lahir di Tg. Uban 20 januari 2002 umur saya sekarang 18 Tahun,saya sekarang kuliah di politeknik Bintan Cakrawala dengan Program studi D3 seni kuliner tahun 2020/2021

cita cita saya ada 2 yang pertama saya pingin menjadi chef Internasional maupun Nasional dan cita cita saya yang ke 2 saya ingin menjadi Pengusaha Muda

Disini saya mau cerita sedikit kenapa saya bisa tetarik ke Bidang pariwisata.

saya adalah salah satu peserta Garuda Muda Camp (GMC) T.A 2017/2019. Nah jadi di garuda muda ini ada 4 camp, dimana setiap camp dilakukan 4 semester selama kita Sekolah Menengah Atas

jadi untuk pelajarannya itu adalah hal hal yang memang tidak di pelajari selama kita duduk di bangku SMK sederajat Seperti leadership,entrepranure,publik speaking, mencari jati diri, nah jadi setiap camp itu beda beda yang tadi aku sebutkan itu ada formal

yang non formalnya pun ada, seperti olahraga pagi hari,mengantar tugas tepat work dan lain lain

nah jadi kan Sebelum saya ikut yang namanya Gmc cita cita ku pingin manjdi anggota Militer, tapi masih abu abu, dan aku mengikuti gmc dimana secara tidak langsung salah satu mentornya membuka pikiran kami, agar kami lebih yakin dalam mencari keputusan

waktu berlalu, camp A pun sudah selesai dan kita lanjut camp B, dimana cita cita ku masih ingin mnjadi asalah satu anggota militer tapi sudah 50% yakin 50% nya lagi sudah ingin menjadi chef, loh kok tiba tiba chef?

karna tanpa aku sadari aku pandai dalam memasak mencari inofasi baru untuk masak dan di bisniskan, lanjut ke Camp C, Waktu begitu cepat, banyak even acara dimana saya banyak mengisi stand jualan, Disitu yakin tidak yakin aku sudah 80% dengan yang berbau masak masak dan Bisnis

disitu saya sudah mulai mencari pergguruan tinggi yang berhubungan dengan kuliner,nah Allhamdulilah di Tempatku ada Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala Mulai dari situ akupun sudah mencari dan mengumpulkan banyak informasi tentang calon tempat kuliah saya, waktu berlalu tiba kami di camp akhir yaitu Camp D,sebenarnyaa waktu last camp ada sedih dan senang nya, tapi kebanyakan sedihnyaa, kenapa? karena menurut saya Organisasi yang paling banyak merubah hidup saya,

apalagi di saat itu saya tidak bisa ikut full camp, karena bentrokan dengan Prakerin saya,saya pun rela cabut satu hari prakerin demi mengikuti GMC, dikarenakan sayang kalau tidak mengikuti kelas GMC merasa rugi bisa di bilang saya sangat haus Ilmu heheh

kalau senangnya sih cuman Saya bangga dengan diri sendiri karna bisa menyelesaikan progarm itu dengan Sangat baik, selama saya mengikuti Program GMC, secara tidak lansung Kita melihat SDM yang ada di bintan, Nah Kawasan bintan adalah kawasan pariwisata, dimana 70% pendapatan kepulauan Riau terbesar Dibidang pariwisata, nah apalagi di kawasan lagoi itu lagi di bangun banyak sekali hotel hotel baru yang berbintang 5 tentunyaa, didukung lagi dengan masuknyaa kapal pesiar terbesar di dunia yang membawa beribu ribu turis luar negri memasuki sekali menggunjungi lagoi itu beribu ribu tris turun dan berlibur ke kawasan lagoi, nah mulai dari situlah saya sangat tertarik dengan pariwisata, bahkan saya pingin sekali bekerja di kitchen Pesiar,selain pekerjaan nya keren menjadi chef juga impian saya, dan selain itu gaji nya orang yang berkerja di bidang pariwisata itu sangat sangat tinggi, makanya itu aku mau kuliah di politeknik bintan cakrawala dan jika ada rezeki  saya pinginn lanjut sekolah hingga menjadi master, oh iyaa, saya juga berusaha untuk mengikuti ajang Master chef Indonesia, saya yakin anak daerah seperti saya mampu menyaingi ajang tersebut,dan tentunya saya akan mengharumkan nama bintan dengan kemampuan saya.

itu alasan saya tertarik dengan pariwisata

kemudian alas an saya tertarik dengan pengusaha adalah

saya sangat suka kuliner dan saya bersekolah di bidang kuliner, dimana rata rata pengusaha itu di bidang kuliner, jadi saya sangat yakin dengan kemampuan saya dan pengalaman saya, saya bisa membuka usaha mula yang dari kecil kecilan, karna pengusaha itu bisa menjadi jaminan tua saya, jadi jika saya sudah tua, dan saya sudah tidak bekerja di pariwisata, setidaknyaa saya sudah mempunyai usaha yang saya bangun di awal awal karir saya.

Apalagi manjdi pengusaha itu selain kerjanya bebas ia jugaa menjanjikan, saya tau menjadi pengusaha ga semudah yang saya rencanakan sekarang, tapi saya yakun dengan yang namanya proses, ya tidak mungkin kan kkita gagal gagal terus, bagi saya kegaglan cukup di waktu muda saja, karna di waktu muda kita punya segudang solusi masalah dan kita juga masih mempunyai semangat yang luar biasa.

Tapi tahun ini pariwisata di bintan anjlok di karenakan virus covid – 19, yang dulunya bintan ini ramai dengan turis asing maupun local, kini sepi, turis asing maupun local sudah jarang masuk ke kawasan Bintan. Even even besar yang sudah di rencanakan jauh jauh hari sebelum covid kini harus batal dikarenakan pandemic,semuaa orang pada kebingungan banyak karyawan yang di PHK dari pekerjaan, tapi Untungnya di bintan ga hanya pariwisata, kita juga mempunyai banyak pabrik Indusri besar, rata rata orang yang di PHK dikarenakan pandemic skeranag pada kerja di Pabrik indusri   



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