December Journal

 Hey guys

 Already don’t feel it, this is my 3rd journal, I want to tell you about my activities during December, OK, let’s start

 December is a busy month with exams, where we do the final semester exams and this time I get a lot of assignments for the first semester exams, in my opinion, it’s quite tough because this time the exam is 5 chefs, and where each of these courses is very time consuming  , such as one of the pastry courses where a team consists of 4 people and makes a menu of 5 cakes in one day then the chocolate making exam and quintal cooking exam, all the practice is done on the same day from morning to evening, then for  the preparation for the manufacture also requires 1 full week starting from morning to night

 After the exam was completed, the lecturer also offered several people to follow the competition while the competition was the Batam culinary festive event where the organizer was the Batam Junior High School, it should have been that after doing uas we took the semester off and I was chosen by the campus to represent one of the competitions, and the competition was  table top, and with some people from the hospitality department after that I continued to practice for a full week and was in the kitchen after training for the race, the long-awaited gari came I got ready to go to Batam using the Roro boat

 After arriving in Batam, I rushed to the place of the race and I saw many participants from various places or well-known hotel hotels who would later compete with me, after waiting for 1 hour the competition I participated in started, my target was 12 points with one time.  my watch was rushing to finish my cooking, I was not confident that I could do that, and time ran out and I could work on the challenge of the competition, after the race I was waiting for my turn to be at my food auction, and sold 280 thousand with  the highest price among all the participants, I am proud of myself then after that we waited a while for the announcement of the race and how shocked I was to get second place, at that time I felt disbelief and I wanted to cry proud of myself,  inj my first experience in a Culinary competition event and get a champion

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