This month I did a lot of activities, starting from campus activities and dormitory activities. In doing the lectures I feel fine, although sometimes I feel tired. Many of the assignments and materials given by the lecturer did not make me give up and get discouraged, even in the midst of the covid 19 which obliged us to reduce social interaction and keep distance between people. Campus students, lecturers and staff are required to use masks, not only in the campus environment but wherever we are must use masks to reduce the spread of the virus. The Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala does not carry out study and work activities from home like in other campuses, but the handling of covid 19 that is run by the campus is quite good such as sunbathing activities that are carried out every morning and checking the temperature in the morning and evening routinely and providing a place to wash hands in every corner campus for the sake of avoiding viruses and adopting clean lifestyles for campus residents.

In April lecturing activities in addition to learning and practice also carried out midterm examinations (UTS) which lasted for one week. Many preparations have been made to take this exam. Learning is important, besides that I also discuss with friends related material that I do not understand. Looking for additional references to study in order to get satisfactory results on the exam and continue to improve my ability in the field I study.

This month is the beginning of Ramadhan in 2020, sadly unable to gather with families in Tanjung Pinang because of the many cases of Covid 19 that befall Tanjung Pinang residents, so the area is vulnerable to contracting the virus. The campus always suggested it would be best not to travel to Tanjung Pinang, kijang and batam. But if we continue to travel we must implement a self-monitoring system for fourteen days. My friends return to their respective homes, but I am uncertain whether to go back to Tanjung Pinang or to continue to be dormitory. A close friend of mine suggested that he stay with him at his home until the lecture was active again. I agreed to his suggestion, because I was also afraid that something untoward would happen if in the dormitory alone.

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