Assalamualaikum,Wr.Wb. Hi my name is Nurdiansyah, you can call me Iyan. I’m a recipient of a HEA scholarship at the Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic. I’m from D3 study Culinary Art program. Why I’m choose this major, because I like eat and I’m very interested for learn about food cuisine. And until right now I’m still enjoy learn in PBC.

In Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic, I’m following activities art and culture. And I choose it because I like singing and singing is my hobby, and also I like traditional dance. When I was senior high school I was a junior crew at the Sang Nila Utama dance studio. And Sang Nila Utama studio dance is the most popular studio dance in Tanjung Uban, and im proud with myself because I was once part of Sang Nila Utama.

Back to about PBC, until right now I’m still enjoy learn at PBC, but facilities such as the main kitchen not like standart kitchen hotel. And for general facilities have make me feel cozy with this facilities. And I’ve a little problem in English Hospitality courses, when I was midterm exam, my English hospitality courses I must do remedial. Honestly I very interested for learn English, just I’m little feel not comfortable with my English lecturer, and I know my speak English is not fluent, but until right now I’m still learn English  be better and fluently.

My days in April were filled with continued study in campus without holidays like other universities, which is caused by the widespread of Covid 19 cases. For the lecture system I found no problems because I was still face to face with the lecturer. Every morning we’re must sunbathe at  9 am for 10 minutes and every class has a hand  washing area. And also don’t forget we always use mask.

At the end of this month, we had finished to all our face to face lecture schedules, because the final semester exams were accelerated. We’ve to pursue all schedules during fasting and do it with happy and spirit. And the last day in April we have to practice until the evening, even though it feels a little tired I still do it with seriously and enthusiasm.

And the most important of all this, I’m proud and very grateful because I can got a HEA scholarship, and also because of this scholarship I was able to study at Bintan Cakrawala Polytechnic. I promise, I will study earnestly to get the grades determined by the scholarship provider. I’m proud with myself because I one part of HEA Scholarship BRC. Thank you and see you again in next my monthly journal report. Wassalamualaikum, Wr.Wb.

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