hi decemberThis month I’m a little busy with my assignments than last month. In early December I stayed up late doing my college assignments, from 07.00 to 23.00. is where I suddenly informed the campus that I had an interview for training in Batam at the Harris Hotel, Batam Resort, that day when I was scared and nervous. but Alhamdulillah my interview went smoothly. on the 5th I slep at the house of Tanjung Uban, and at night I went for a walk with my friend Windi Hidayat and Nur Ari , we sat in the cafe, I went home at 22.00 already at home. the next day I still have the same goal, which is to go to campus. on the 11th my friend and I went to Hamid beach, there we saw the sunset and after sunset we went back to my friend’s house. the next day I was still in the dorm and went to campus, on the 13th my friend invited me to go to Sri Bintan where we went there just wanted to eat soup and we went home again. The next day I was still in the dorm with my dorm mates and went to campus every morning, until 22.00 we were still on campus due to preparation for UAS pastry practice, it felt very tired but I still had to continue to get good UAS scores. Until the 17th is the day where we did UAS and explained to the lecturers. 21th is the date when my cellphone has to fall from the motorbike and my cellphone is damaged which makes me think again how to make a Journal that I have not finished before, until finally I have to borrow my cellphone and try to finish my journal. on my 28th me and my boyfriend went to the beach to see the sunset and snack on the beach. The next day I had to go to Tanjung Pinang and I stayed there, because on the 30th I had to go back to my hometown because I was on holiday and I happened to have a long holiday. on the 30th I departed from to Letung, where the very strong winds made me vomit on the ship, and finally I was at the port for 7 hours where I had not returned to my village for more than 1 year. On the 31th and the end of 2020 I am hanging out with my friends. New year’s eve is an ordinary night for me, and that’s why I decided not to leave the house and chose to gather with my family at home. thank you December where there was trouble for me and the ending was happy for me. thank you sis Irma for hearing all my stories

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