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Assalammualaikum, my name is Dwi Septiandi, I am a recipient of a HEA scholarship at the BINTAN CAKRAWALA POLYTECHNIC, I am from D3 study tour program where I study about tourist destinations, learn about marine tourism and guide.

In BINTAN CAKRAWALA POLITECHNIC, I also participated in an organization created by the campus, and got a position as minister of arts and culture. I am very happy to be chosen as Minister of Arts and Culture because I fit with my hobbies playing music, I have also been a member of the main Sangnila art studio. for activities on campus itself for now, with the impact of our co-19 virus from BEM making hand washing tools for campus residents and distributing masks to campus residents. because of this virus there are many activities that want to be canceled because the government forbids us to do gathering activities at this time.

back to the major I chose D3 tour, this department is very good, tasty, exciting and certainly fun, here I just learned a lot about tourist attractions that I don’t know, what should I protect at sea, learn to bring guests traveling, make packages travel, tourist destinations that must be k bring in by the guest, wow the point is fun, but here I feel a little lacking because I’m weak with English, but not hopeless here I keep learning until I can master a little more about English. The point is I am very happy to be able to get the scholarship given by PT BRC to me, I will endeavor to get good grades, God willing and will not disappoint PT BRC for giving me this scholarship.

so many stories that I can get right and I share, the point is I am very happy to be able to enter the POLITEKNIK BINTAN CAKRAWALA to get many new friends, learn to live independently and much more. I hope what I can make happy to those closest to me by graduating with good grades. so my story, Wassalammualaikum wr.wb

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