April 2020

Hi there, this is my first journal. Okay, here i want to introduce myself first. Welcome to my blog that is “Welcome to My Journal” by Sigit Aprisma Irawan, i am one of the students from the Polytechnic of Bintan Cakrawala majoring in D4 Hospitality Management. So in this blog i will tell you about everything that i went through, starting from my experience both academically and non-academically and also things that are interesting and inspiring for me to all of you.

So are you ready? Let’s get started.

This April

This month is a pretty tiring month for me as a student of course. Because, this is the month of my birth. Haha, its not i’m just kidding. So why is it tiring? That’s because this month i just did a “Midterm Examination” sure you’re right UTS broh. Not felt in this second semester i already was in the middle of the semester. But what makes it annoying is …

You certainly know the answer. Yes, its corona time. I really hate this virus because it caused all our activities to be blocked, both in the state system and even in the education system that i’m going through now. The impact feels really coy. But what made me more annoyed was when all my classmates at their senior high school days were off from college because of this virus, but instead I kept doing my usual activities. Previously we also wondered why the campus is very brave not to take us out (study at home or work from home) in the midst of this worldwide outbreak, especially now in the Tanjung Pinang, Kijang and Batam regions already infected with this outbreak. But in the end the sentence that I could say was “Ya udahlah ya ” haha. Because i’m so confused about wanting to argue like what else, because this has become a decision and policy from the campus and the foundation. But there is one interesting point, when I ask my friends back, which in the end they do lectures online and added to the tasks that are very-very much haha. Then i tried to encourage them, even though my intention was to insinuate them haha. But the campus i did not just stay silent, they provided us with free masks and also placed a handsantizer in several places to facilitate us and to frequently diligently wash hands hahah.

“Bersakit-sakit dahulu, Bersenang-senang kemudian”

Indonesian proverb

So in conclusion we still do UTS as usual on campus but we also have to wear masks everywhere. Seriously, i’m so dizzy haha. In this month we have also entered the month of Ramadhan, yeah, so Mohon Maaf Lahir & Bathin guys. Eits, wait a minute not yet finished. So a few days ago the campus suddenly held a meeting, so at this meeting it was announced that we would do the Final Examination Semester (UAS) sooner which should have been in August but would be the end of this May. Yes, speed up broh. But there must be an impact on us too, so the course is added to the credits (SKS) per day so that more and so we go home longer. This system serves to be able to shorten the time and targets for UAS at the end of May later can be implemented. Try to imagine guys are in my position, huffttt so tiring once again fasting month (Ramadhan) haha, but yeah the name is also a process. I had to go through, but I came to remember the saying “Bersakit-sakit dahulu, Bersenang-senang kemudian” This proverb will suit us after we pass the UAS later. Why? Because we will be off more than 2 months, yes 2 months more broh. Im so excited, wuhuuuu.

So pray me to be okay and get through it all haha. oh yes, in the paragraph above really why, if this month is my brithday haha. What’s interesting is that if i, my mom and dad we were born in the same month. Yes, always April haha. This month I also got a new cousin, so my aunt just gave birth and her daughter. Aaaa her is so cute, gemoi. Gemush. One more time, this month I also participated in an Instagram video contest from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture with the theme “Petani Tetap Produksi, Stok Pangan Aman” friends can help to like my video on my instagram @sigitaprismairawan and ask for your help also to be able to sign the petition “Hak Makan Murah” I put the link in below. Pray for me to be able to win this competition, yes friends haha.

So that’s all my friends can i tell you about my journal this time, see you in my next journal. Thank you.

2 Replies to “April 2020”

  1. Hi Sigit,
    Nice post. I really enjoy reading your journal. Its so flowing. You do really know how a story should be told.

    Few advice for your next posting:

    1. Title does not necesarrily to be directly mentioned as “journal”, “activity”, or sometime like “report”. You can use the strongest “message” or “story” to be the headline/title. Let me give example for your post, you probably can use this title: “PBC Continues Conducting Conventional Classroom During Pandemic”.

    2. Add proper featured image. Original picture taken with your camera is much better.

    3. Add at least one image in the body. So place jpg image that represents certain activity you tell in the journal. Pictures tell a lot stories and enrich your message.

    4. You have made some adjustment to your webpage and thats a great move. Keep going to make your page more catching and easy to read.

    5. You can put some links or hyperlink in some words you think its important, such as PBC…link it to PBC website or other reference to make your page rich.

    I think thats it for now. We will give you more advice when you have done those things.


  2. I forget to tell. Just continue from the above points:

    6. Add proper category for your post. By default, wordpress populate all posts in one category named “uncategorised”. To make your post easier to find and read, make new category and put that category. Be cosistent in adding post to certain category to prevent reader from being confused.

    7. Add tags. Like instagram or twitter, tags help system and search machine easier to index the page. Make some suitable tags 20 tags at the maximum.

    you got question and difficultes, just reach me by WA.


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