December 2020

Hi guys, welcome back. So in this journal, I will tell you a little bit about what I’ve done, so lets start with this one.

December 2020″

In early December I became a participant in a seminar conducted by LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences) and Oceanara in collaboration with the pengudang village as well as the PBM (Pengudang Bintan Mangrove). The seminar that was carried out was a form of their awareness with knowledge about rescue or first aid to marine mammals, namely Dugong. Pengudang is one of the villages out of more or less areas in Indonesia that has Dugong, seeing this potential they are trying to raise awareness in the community to be able to protect this one ecosystem. If one day there is a dugong that is stranded, the community does not need to worry or worry about how to help it. This seminar is specifically for fishermen, but there are also several communities and tourism activists who are also related to animals who also take part in this seminar. Dugong is one of the endangered animals and has also been protected in the Indonesian Government Law, the hope is that by holding this seminar, the people of Pengudang Village themselves have knowledge of dugong. Whether in form, species, food, whatever is done, is it in any area, and also first aid to dugongs and most importantly, don’t let the dugong become food for the residents. Indeed, dugong meat is delicious, but it turns out that there are substances that are harmful to dugong and when eaten by humans it will have an effect on bad health. Let’s protect Dugong together, for the good of our common ecosystem.

Furthermore, this month I am also busy with Ms. Rita and other lecturers went to Pengudang Village in order to provide assistance to the village both from making a Tourism Village and also HomeStay assistance with National standards and up to the Asean stage. We have discussed this step with Mr. Iwan is the liaison from PBM to the village apparatus. Why do you provide assistance? Because this will coincide with the vision and mission of Bintan regency as well as open up great opportunities for Pengudang Village itself in developing a bigger wing to become a famous tourist village with good standards.

Apart from the explanation above, at that time we made a small visit to the Center of the PBM (Pengudang Bintan Mangrove), to Mr. Madun’s Garbage House here known as a garbage house because all the handicrafts and nuances offered are very interesting, no wonder The number is that many tourists, especially Caucasians, are very happy and excited when visiting Mr. Madun’s place, and also the last time we made a visit to Panglong Village, this is a village where all the residents are from the sea tribe and we met Mr. Tintin, the leader of the sea tribe.

There are so many unique things and new experiences and knowledge that I can find, I am grateful to be able to find and live them all in an extraordinary way. And maybe that’s all I can tell you in my journal this time, I hope you guys enjoyed. Iam Sigit Aprisma Irawan, and yeah. Thankyou.

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