Thank you December

Hello my friends. Well, in this part, I want to tell you all about my activity in this December, where is the last month in this year. Okay here we go. In the last time my friend and I mentoring to CD, my mentor suggested writing and telling of our activities once a week, meaning it was for recording our writing so that we wouldn’t rush to write every month. And come to think of it very nicely worked out. Okay, on the first week of December, I carried out small amounts of activity, just walking as usual and nothing special, doing a regular teaching lesson on the campus with all the extra assignments from our professors. Oh yeah, at the weekend we got a notice at the whatsapp second-generation PBC student group. The lecturer told us that the final test was to be performed starting from December 21-24, the third week of December. Later that second week we began to busy with studying for the finals. My classmates and I began to get busy by repeating the lessons we had participated in during this first semester. This second week too, each of the professors gave us a lattice of exams like, the first for the beverage operation class with Mr. Bustari. The lecturer told us to memorize 12 prescribed cocktails, since our exams were practical. Second, class of Pengantar Pariwisata and hospitality with Ms. Indah. From the lecturer, she told us that our test was creating an article about the world of tourism. Here I am taking the theme of ministers who are staying at the hotel Banyantree Bintan and giving CHSE certificates (cleanliness, health, safety and environment). Then, there are some professors did the written exam. Talk about examination, only one lecturer did the written exam of hygiene, sanitize and K3.The following week, the third week was for us to perform the final term. Earlier we were busy with preparing for exams. For the professor who performed the practical exam, we also prepared all appropriate tools and materials. For a course (operation for food processing), we have had a practice exam on Thursday of the second week, on December 17th. Our professor collaborated with other lecturers to perform the practice exam. The professors agreed to conduct a test using the concept of displays. Our test was the practice of preparing western pergroups meals prescribed by the lecturer. As from other classes, they practice a pastry practice with the subject as well as the lecturer. We’re having an early exam because the professor can’t run it on the 24th. Because at the time it was a Shared day of leave, it was Christmas. Maybe that’s it for my journal this time, thank you guys for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed. I’m Sinta Monalisa Situmorang and thank you.


November Activity

Hello everybody, someone who reads my activity journal whenever and wherever you are. How are you guys right know? You guys are safety, healthy and always fine in this pandemic covid 19, right? Let’s apply the health protocol according to government advice. That is, always wash your hands, wear a mask, and maintain a distance of at least one meters.

So guys, as usual I want to introduce myself again. Okay, my name is Sinta Monalisa Situmorang, and I am a student of PBC (Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala), diploma 4th  Hotel Management study program, And now I 1st semester. Now, I want to tell you guys everything about my activity in November. So, let’s start begin.

First, in the middle of November, I also gained new experience by being a coffee break waitress at the campus Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala on November 14th, with Miss. Citra as a supervisor and Mr. Welli as a guide. And there are 7 student who were taken from D4 Hotel Management, 2 person for coffee break, and 5 person for buffet. On that day in the afternoon, my five friends came to the campus first to prepare a buffet for Lunch and Dinner. they serve food directly to guests who came to the campus for meeting in the hall. After that, followed by my friend and I at 2 p.m. for coffee break and we prepared for coffee, tea, sugar, and the snack box.  After finishing, we cleaned the cuteleries and counted the item used. Although it was tiring, but I had direct experience serving guests about BEO or Banquet Event Order and it was very exciting. Second, on November 21st, I also attended the National Webinar via zoom with the theme Motivation and Entrepreneurship about ‘Digital Era Millennial Business Trends’. It has been especially rewarding for me to receive lessons and motivations about entrepreneurship both for beginners and for those who are in the business. Third, 2nd anniversary of Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala on November 24th until 25th. On the 1st day my friends and I became a member of the choir team named Waditra Bahana Cakrawala where we had done choir training for about a month, and practiced three times a week with 19 other members. With Miss. Putri and Mr. Alvin as a trainer.  We sang four songs and performed our best. On the 2nd day, I and 6 other people performed the band named Soul Inside Reborn, where there are three vocalists, pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer/kajon player. And I as a vocalist. We sang about nine to ten songs. Fourth, on the November 27th, my friends and I from D4 Hotel Management semester 1 conducted a hotel visit to De Bintan Villa with Miss. Putrid and Mr. Alvin. There I could add knowledge such as about facilities in De Bintan Villa like, room types and facilities in the room, kitchen, restaurant, and others.

Maybe that’s all my activities in November 2020, thank you for reading my journal and see you guys I my next journal.


October Activity

Hi everyone, welcome back to my journal activity. How are you today? Hopefully all of us are always fine, stay health and stay at home in this pandemic.
First, I want to introduce myself again, my name is Sinta Monalisa Situmorang, you can call me Sinta or sin, as comfortable as you are calling my name. I live in Ekang Anculai KM 57 and I study in Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala or PBC is located in Lagoi Tourism Area, my major is 4th Diploma Hotel Management. Well, in this time I want to write and to tell you guys about my activity in last October in this year in the campus or in the dormitory. I am so confused, because his is my 2nd journal in my blog.
So, as usual for everyday, I do my activity in the morning. I got up in the morning at 5 a.m., because earlier I had set the alarm at 5 a.m. When I woke up, I would clean and tidy up the beds, cook, take a shower, put on my uniform, and prepare to go to the campus. From dormitory I go to the collage on foot. In the campus, we learn like usual. On Monday, we studied about food and beverage service with Mr. Bustari Chaniago or Mr. BC. We learn about BARS, wine, how to serve wine, juggling and many others. And we learn about Tourism Escort and Hospitality, with Ms. Indah. On Tuesday, learn about hygiene sanitation and K3 with Mr. Ibrahim, and English Class, On Wednesday, learn about preparing the food operational with Ms. Citra. On Thursday, learn about Food Operation with Chef. Angga. I thoroughly enjoyed all these lessons guys. On Friday it’s UKM day, by the way guys, talk about UKM, what is UKM? UKM is “Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa” where we do a lot of activity on campus, and there are 7 UKM in the campus, and one of them is UKM of Art. Art like, dancing, singing, choirs, drawing and any others. I chose an art UKM cause I love singing so much, and playing guitar, even though I only know the basic key 😀
And on October 6th 2020, we attended training and socialization from Tagana (Taruna Siaga Bencana) Masuk Sekolah 2020. My friends and I were selected to volunteer as Tagana volunteers. As volunteer, we did such as watched guests who come to keep their distance when they fill forms, checking the temperature and helping to clean up after the event ended. Here we get socialization on how we are prepared when there is a disaster. This activity was organized by PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala and Dinsos (Dinas Sosial)
Okay guys, maybe thats all what can I tell you about my activities in October. Goodbye October and welcome November. And thank you guys for the time for reasing my journal, and see you in my next journal.
Have a nice day, stay safe and stay health to all of us:)


Essay Future Plan

Hi everyone, how are you today?

Hopefully all of us are always fine, stay health and stay at home in this pandemic

Salam sejahtera untuk kita semua, perkenalkan nama saya Sinta Monalisa Situmorang. Saya tinggal di Kp. Kapling Permai II, saya lahir di Tg. Uban, 31 Oktober 2002. Sekarang saya sedang melanjutkan pendidikan saya, berkuliah di Kampus Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala, yang didirikan oleh Yayasan Bintan Resort dan saya mengambil jurusan D4 Pengelolaan Perhotelan. Saya memiliki cita-cita ingin menjadi seorang GM di industry pariwisata yang ada di Bintan. Saya disini sebagai penerima beasiswa HEA dan saya mempunya keinginan untuk lebih memajukan daerah Bintan ini dengan inovasi-inovasi dan kontribusi yang baik untuk memajukan pariwisata yang ada di Bintan, terkhusus untuk Bintan Resort.  Dan saya sangat tertarik dengan dunia pariwisata terkhusus dalam dunia perhotelan, karena saya sejak Menengah Pertama sudah mulai mengenal dunia perhotelan. Yaitu, dengan saya terpilih menjadi salah satu penerima Program Beasiswa ‘Seedlings of Banyan Tree Bintan’, dimana yang direkrut adalah anak-anak yang terpilih yang merupakan bibit-bibit unggul(Seedlings) daerah Bintan  dengan program beasiswa yang didirikan sejak tahun 2007. Semenjak saat itu, setiap hari Jumat kami selalu di ajak dan di jemput untuk belajar di Banyan Tree Bintan. Di sana kami mengikuti banyak kegiatan diantaranya yaitu english class, mentoring yaitu dibimbing oleh mentor-mentor hebat yang setiap seedlings mentee memiliki masing-masing mentor dari department yang berbeda. Saat itu mentor-mentor saya berasal dari departemen finance, HR department, kitchen, front office dan restaurant. Serta kegiatan outing yang dilakukan setiap bulannya dengan mengunjungi destinasi yang ada di Bintan diantaranya mengunjungi resort-resort yang ada di Bintan seperti Treasure Bay, Nirwana dll, serta kami juga mengunjungi Mapur Island dan masih banyak lagi tempat-tempat wisata yang kami kunjungi.

Hari ini saya akan menceritakan rencana masa depan saya tentang inovasi dan kontribusi saya nantinya dimasa yang akan datang terhadap Bintan Resort sesuai dengan jurusan yang saya ambil yaitu D4 Pengelolaan Perhotelan. Baiklah, berikut saya akan menjelaskan pengertian pariwisata itu sendiri. Apa itu pariwisata? Pariwisata merupakan salah satu sektor yang paling berkembang di tanah air kita ini, yang merupakan industri nomor satu yang menambah/meningkatkan pendapatan devisa Negara. Ada banyak tolak ukur yang memperlihatkan hal tersebut dan dua diantaranya adalah dilihat dari jumlah wisatawan mancanegara dan investasi pada sektor pariwisata yang naik jika di bandingkan pada periode terdahulu. Pariwisata Bintan merupakan daerah destinasi pariwisata yang masuk ke dalam 3 besar pariwisata terbaik di Indonesia.

Berikut rencana masa depan saya tentang inovasi dan kontribusi yang akan saya lakukan untuk Bintan dan Bintan Resort. Hal pertama yang ingin saya lakukan adalah saya ingin mengembangkan tempat-tempat wisata dan destinasi yang ada di kawasan wisata Lagoi dan Bintan Resort dengan merancang dan membangun tempat-tempat wisata baru yang lebih menarik lagi dan menbangun hotel yang unik sesuai dengan seiringnya perkembangan zaman di amsa yang akan datang untuk lebih menarik minat para wisatawan asing maupun lokal agar mengunjungi dan lebih mengenal lagi wisata yang ada di Bintan ini serta saya ingin berkontribusi dalam pengurangan kendala bahasa yang diergunakan para wisatawan memalui peran pramuwisata. Hal ini dapat dilakukan dengan menempatkan pramuwisata yang mampu menguasai paling tidak sedikitnya tiga bahasa utama dunia di setiap kawasan wisata yang ada di Bintan ini. Hal kedua yang ingin saya lakukan dimasa mendatang adalah saya ingin menerapkan beberapa hal. Pertama, tentang betapa penting nya kebersihan dan keselamatan di dalam dunia perhotelan. Apabila saya nantinya saat menjadi seorang general manager atau gm, I have some list of things to become a General Manager yaitu saya akan melakukan traning kepada seluruh karyawan tentang betapa pentingnya hygiene and sanitasi serta keselamatan dalam bekerja. Itu tidak hanya ditujukan kepada karyawan saja tetapi kepada seluruh orang yang ada di hotel tersebut baik itu para pekerja atau pn karyawan nya maupun wisatawan atau tamu yang menginap atau pun berkunjung ke hotel tersebut. Kedua, menyediakan sabun cuci tangan atau hand sanitizer di tempat-tempat strategis dan mudah di jangkau atau bahkan di sediakan di setiap ruangan, di transportasi umum,dan  toilet umum. Ketiga, yaitu menerapkan K3 yaitu Kebersihan dan Keselamatan Kerja yang lebih safety di daerah kitchen bila perlu menempel tata cara penggunaan barang atau alat dapur dengan baik dan benar dan memperhatikan keamanan atau kebersihan bahan makanan yang di import baik itu dari luar negeri maupun dari dalam negeri, serta dengan melakukan tes lab seluruh bahan makanan dan minuman yang akan di berikan ke tamu hotel. Serta menyediakan kotak P3K di setiap departemen bahkan per ruangan. Tentu saja inovasi tetantang upaya menjaga kelestarian dan kebersihan lingkungan terutama di area wisata alam dan area kamar kecil. Jika hal ini diperhatikan dengan seksama oleh semua pihak yang erlibat di dalam industry pariwisata maupun di dalam hotel tersebut bukan tidak mungkin suatu saat nanti Indonesia khususnya daerah Bintan, Lagoi menjadi destinasi wisata terbaik di dunia. Baiklah, mungkin itu saja yang dapat saya sampaikan future plan saya tentang inovasi dan kontribusi yang akan saya lakukan dimasa yang akan datang nantinya. Terlebih terkurang saya mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan dalam penulisan atau pengetikan kata maupun kalimat. Sekian dan terima kasih.

Stay safe, stay health and stay at home in this pandemic. Thank You.


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