Thank you December

Hello my friends. Well, in this part, I want to tell you all about my activity in this December, where is the last month in this year. Okay here we go. In the last time my friend and I mentoring to CD, my mentor suggested writing and telling of our activities once a week, meaning it was for recording our writing so that we wouldn’t rush to write every month. And come to think of it very nicely worked out. Okay, on the first week of December, I carried out small amounts of activity, just walking as usual and nothing special, doing a regular teaching lesson on the campus with all the extra assignments from our professors. Oh yeah, at the weekend we got a notice at the whatsapp second-generation PBC student group. The lecturer told us that the final test was to be performed starting from December 21-24, the third week of December. Later that second week we began to busy with studying for the finals. My classmates and I began to get busy by repeating the lessons we had participated in during this first semester. This second week too, each of the professors gave us a lattice of exams like, the first for the beverage operation class with Mr. Bustari. The lecturer told us to memorize 12 prescribed cocktails, since our exams were practical. Second, class of Pengantar Pariwisata and hospitality with Ms. Indah. From the lecturer, she told us that our test was creating an article about the world of tourism. Here I am taking the theme of ministers who are staying at the hotel Banyantree Bintan and giving CHSE certificates (cleanliness, health, safety and environment). Then, there are some professors did the written exam. Talk about examination, only one lecturer did the written exam of hygiene, sanitize and K3.The following week, the third week was for us to perform the final term. Earlier we were busy with preparing for exams. For the professor who performed the practical exam, we also prepared all appropriate tools and materials. For a course (operation for food processing), we have had a practice exam on Thursday of the second week, on December 17th. Our professor collaborated with other lecturers to perform the practice exam. The professors agreed to conduct a test using the concept of displays. Our test was the practice of preparing western pergroups meals prescribed by the lecturer. As from other classes, they practice a pastry practice with the subject as well as the lecturer. We’re having an early exam because the professor can’t run it on the 24th. Because at the time it was a Shared day of leave, it was Christmas. Maybe that’s it for my journal this time, thank you guys for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed. I’m Sinta Monalisa Situmorang and thank you.

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