Hi viders (vidya readers). Welcome to my blog. How are you ? I hope you all always healthy. Well, I want to tell you about my first blog. So here I want to introduce myself first to the viders wherever you are.

Okay, my name is Vidya Rafa Yuriska, you can call me Vidya, Vid or Bundo. It’s up to you what you want to call me. Somehow my friends at campus called me “Bundo“. I’m also confused but it doesn’t bother me with that title and just enjoy it. It all started with my dormitory friend hahaha. Born in Tanjung Uban, August 29, 2001. Now, guess what my age is now ?? yeah you’re right, I’m 18 years old (ssstt, in a few months it’s 19 years old, don’t forget to give a present to me okay). Alright, continue …

Study at Polytechnic Bintan Cakrawala in Lagoi and has several study programs, such as :

  • D4 Hotel Management.
  • D3 Travel Tour.
  • D3 Culinary Arts.

And I chose the D4 Hotel Management study program.

Why choose this study program ?

The reason is because I want to learn and know how to manage hotels properly and correctly and in accordance with SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). Sure enough, this study program is also taught how to work professionally and promote integrity, and be taught how to be a wise leader, think critically and be able to make the right decisions in solving a problem. And I also want to be the owner of a hotel, so I must first know how to manage a hotel

Actually when I chose this study program, I thought there would be no learning about cooking. Apparently I was wrong viders, here also learn to cook. On second thought, it’s true. The name of the Hotel Management study program, will definitely learn and must know about what management is in the hotel. In the end, keep learning how to cook viders. But I still enjoy all the courses that have been given.

I’m studying here with a HEA (Higher Education Assistance) scholarship given by PT. Bintan Resort Cakrawala. To get this scholarship, of course through a long journey viders. Even at first I did not believe that I could get this scholarship. But none of this should be in vain for this precious opportunity.

Okay viders, I think this is the story about my introduction. In the future I will share stories and tips about anything. I also want to give a message to the viders to better maintain their health, especially since this is in a pandemic situation and it is better stay at home and don’t forget to wear a mask if you are outside. Thank you and see you in the next post.

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