For 2 semesters  there are various menus that we have made. As for the menu that we have practiced such as: Salad,Appertizer,Main course,Dessert and other bakeries. In semester  1 we learned about Salad,Appertizer and Dessert. Semesters 2 we study the Main course and explore more bakery and other Dessert.

Apart from my academic as a PBC (Politeknik Bintan Cakrawala)student I also take part in non-academic activities such as UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa),more precisely futsal organized by BEM(Badan Executive Mahasiswa)and it becomes my routine every week before the COVID  19 outbreak. My routine and other student and UKM are hampered because of the campus appeals to their student to remain in the dormitory and all activities outside are longer restricted.

Since COVID 19, the BRC(Bintan Resort Cakrawala) has also appealed to use masks in public areas, the Lagoi area.we student are also encouraged to sunbathe every day for a minimum of 10 minutes aimed at cutting out the COVID 19 chain outbreak that is a tranding topic now. Not only that BEM PBC also provides hand sanitizers in every  corner of the campus to make it easier for PBC student to wash their hands every time they do something.Because of COVID 19 our activities are limited,but every week I routinely go home,because there are necessities and staple foods that I have to take a week in the next dormitory,actually forn the campus side calling on student not to go home unless there is need and fill out campus forms and when returning home also fils in forms,the campus also provides form in the dormitory that is check in and check out which we must fill out when leaving the Lagoi area. However starting from this week PBC students are hard to go home by the campus and must not be contested.we are until next 2 week in not returning to their respective homes and stay in the dormitory until may 21 next. As a preventive measure for the COVID 19 epidemic,the campus appealed to check the temperature after completing the course.

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